Monday, November 29, 2010


Why do insurance companies have to make everything so complicated?

I have been on the phone all afternoon trying to figure out changes for the pump. I am not a happy camper. In fact, I'm ready to say a bunch of bad words....and that's saying something!

Why do they question how often we test our kids? It's not for fun, I can tell you that much!

Maybe they don't know that:

Kids go correct...then check again.
Kids go treat...then check again.
Kids run around like have to check again.
And what about those stupid error codes! It is SO HARD to not get angry when Matthew doesn't get enough blood on the strip. But I hate for a single one to go to waste!

Hey...I just thought of a new Christmas Song....."All I Want For Christmas is Some More Test Strips!" Come on, sing with me! (Yes, I've officially lost it!)

And then what is up with the new freestyle test strips? If anyone out there is on the Pod (Laura!) and can give advice about new vs. old....I would appreciate it!

Deep breath. It's gonna be okay.......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back to Basics

It's such a simple Thanksgiving for us this year. Matthew is alive and we are thankful.

I will never forget the doctor looking at us in the emergency room. "If it weren't for insulin, Matthew would die this year." It took my breath away. Quite frankly, it still does sometimes. I look at that precious vial of insulin and I am so grateful. I see Matthew running around like a crazy-man, and I am so grateful.

Without insulin, Kevin and I would spend the holiday season mourning, instead of celebrating.

So, despite the toll it has taken....on our marriage (we're figuring it out)....our brains (so much to learn!).....our finances (sigh)....our sleep (or lack thereof)......we are CELEBRATING.

So much to be thankful for this year.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Top 10 Things That Have Happened During My Blogging Break

10. I learned that if you drop to your knees and ask God to rescue you, He will!

9. Matthew had his lowest low: 29. And that was after a juice box.

8. Despite that scary low, I had a big realization that highs bother me more than lows. I can give Matthew a juice box and get him back in range pretty quick. But highs are another story. Highs have the power to make me depressed.

7. Right after that realization, Meri wrote a post that CHANGED MY LIFE. After battling depression for 3 months....mostly because of high blood sugar.....I realized that highs are just information. That's it. It doesn't matter how high that number is, it simply tells me what to do next. I knew this in my head, but had never really grasped it. I would always beat myself up for letting him go high, when really....his needs were changing and there was no way to know that in advance! That was a big, giant life-changing moment for me. (Thanks Meri! Bet you didn't know how much God would use that blogging moment!)

6. Matthew won the 4th grade spelling bee!

5. I joined a gym! (Thank you Mom and Dad!)

4. A big thanks to Kevin as well.....for helping me find the time to actually go to the gym. With Matthew's school schedule, I really don't get a "break" from diabetes. Ever. Getting away for an hour or so has been truly amazing.

3. I taught myself to knit a scarf. Then started on a crochet project!

2. We decided to get a pump! My first choice was the Ping, but it drove Matthew insane. Within a couple hours of wearing the trial, I bet I heard "Can I disconnect?" 50 times! No joke. We tried the Omnipod sample and he completely forgot about it. Literally. What a huge blessing. We hope to get started during Christmas break. Matthew is so excited!

1. The number one thing that has happened during my blogging break? I realize how much I miss my blogging friends!!!!! I've kept up with you, but I miss your sweet comments. Aren't I selfish? : )