Friday, December 30, 2011

An Idea for the New Year

Truth:  I'm a better person when I get up early and have a little quiet time before I start my day.  That time with the Lord--however brief--makes a difference in my actions.  My outlook.

It changes my life.

But there's another truth that I can't deny:  Getting up early is unbelievably difficult as a D-Mom.

When you are riding the BG rollercoaster, like we've been riding recently, I'm so very tired.  Kevin is tired.  Yes, we're both a little grumpy.

But here's yet one more truth:  A little time with the Lord changes my attitude.  It gives me strength for another day.

It makes me thankful for another day.

I've discovered Inspired to Action.  It's run by the ever-inspiring Kat, who encourages accountability in this area. Please take 2 minutes, pop over and check it out!

I probably take a different spin on this group than most participants.  I use it as accountability to have some quiet time at some point in the morning.  It may not be first thing for me.

It occurred me recently that God knows when I am beyond exhausted.

He knows if I was up every hour taking care of Matthew.

He knows and most importantly, He understands!  There is no need for me to feel guilty for needing extra sleep.

Most people in this world do not understand the exhaustion of diabetes.  But God does!

Now go check out Inspired to Action and join the Hello Mornings Challenge!

I hope you'll sign up!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interesting Thought....

Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened.

I like that!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Matthew Handles Diabetes Questions

Sometimes Matthew doesn't like it when people ask about his pod, so he decided to make a video and explain how he handles it.

Sidenote:  He was inspired by Mike Lawson and his fantastic videos.  Keep it up, Mike!  Your GrEaT attitude about diabetes is inspiring to everyone.  Even my 11-year-old son.  Thank you!

Enjoy!  (And please disregard the mess in the kitchen.  I was in the middle of wrapping Christmas presents when Matthew's inspiration hit!  : )

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The BG Rollercoaster

Hello Fabulous Blogger Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a fantastic holiday.  Very different from years past because no grandparents came to visit, but was a good Christmas nonetheless.

On the BG front, however, quite a different story.

It all started Christmas Eve night.  Matthew's BG dropped all night long.  I mean every single hour I was up checking that child.  Two juice boxes later, and after lots of temporary basals, he woke up around 120.  It was a long, rough night.

But when your child wakes up after a night like that, you are so very grateful to the Lord.  I couldn't do this without Him!  It's frightening to think what would have happened without our checking.

And what did happen?  Who knows?  Good 'ole diabetes.  We hadn't changed a thing.  Did the growth spurt end?  One would think.  But.....

On Christmas night,  I hadn't lowered basals yet (waiting for the 2 day pattern) and he ROSE over 100 points.  Really? Really.  It was Kevin's night and he watched him like a hawk.  We were stunned.

Sidenote:  Despite the holiday, he didn't have any weird food that we haven't dealt with before. This is merely the "fun" of diabetes.  Because.....

Last night he dropped again.  I was up every single hour.  More juice.  More aggressive temp basals.  I finally got him up by 4am.

What a crazy few days, but I'm so thankful for the privilege of taking care of Matthew.  It's always a blessing, despite the occasional exhaustion.

And yes!  I'm lowering the basals today.  This pancreas needs a rest!

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Problem

My Christmas problem is that my husband is the most amazing gift-giver. 

And this is a problem?  Yes!  Stay with me here....

I can casually mention something to him in July and that man will have it under the tree for Christmas!  He's very sneaky that way. 

Always watching.....always listening.....always remembering....

Hmmmm.....Maybe's he's Santa?

Wait!  That sounds good and this really is a problem!

And why, you ask?  Because naturally, I want to do the same for him.  I want to shower my fabulous husband with gifts that he'll adore!

I want him to ooohhh and ahhhh on Christmas morning.  Just like I do!

Unfortunately, I don't have that "Santa" gift for finding the perfect present.

Oh I try!  I really do!  Each and every year. 

And then, without fail, I start the "Christmas Panic."  I just frantically start buying stuff for him. 

Maybe I should get this?  Perhaps I should add that.  I know he spent too much on me, so I better scoop up one more thing!

It's a vicious, never-ending, cycle!

Because I love my husband. 

I love his thoughtfulness.  I love his generosity.  I love his kindness.

But people.  This is really is a problem!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the Season to Tweak Basals....

Yes folks, I'm attempting to work on basals the CrAzY week of Christmas.

(Clearly I've lost my mind!)

Actually, I only made one more change yesterday, and based on his numbers last night, I think it worked.  Of course, it is diabetes and you just never know!  Here's hoping....

Either way, the fact is that Matthew is doing some serious growing.  I just changed his morning ratio to 1-8.  Oh my word!  One unit of insulin for every 8 carbs!  He's never had a ratio that low, but he needs what he needs. 

Can't imagine what it will be like when full puperty hits.  Wow!

Off to teach my last 3 piano students and then Christmas break begins for me.  Woo Hoo!

Here's wishing you good BG through the holiday!  : )

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let the Christmas Vacation Begin!

School is out and Matthew is over-the-moon with excitement!  Yesterday he was dancing around the house.  No joke!  Oh the joy of being a kid.

On the diabetes front, all is going so-so.  Matthew's been having some BIG TIME highs overnight. 

I recently "rearranged" his basal.  It's a move in the right direction, but  I still need to tweak things. 

Like most other D-Parents, Kevin and I tend to be very cautious overnight.  It's going to take a couple weeks, but we'll get there.

In other news, this week marks one year since Matthew has been pumping.  I can't believe how the time has flown by. 

We love Omnipod, but I still have some issues with the IOB feature.  We nearly had a big crash last week because of it.  My fault...and I caught it, but still.....I wish it would calculate all insulin onboard. 

Nonetheless it's worth it because Matthew loves the freedom of the tubeless feature.

Pumping is just fantastic.  It's made life so much more "normal" for Matthew.  I love that he can eat what he wants, when he wants. 

And let me tell you...that amount is going up and up!  He's growing like a weed.

Kevin is already warning me about the "hollow legs" that are coming. 

Guess I better stock up the pantry now!