Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello World...

I'm betting no one reads this blog anymore, but I thought I'd pop in with an update just in case.

Life is good.  Really good.  Well...Matthew still has diabetes and we're still tired.  But life is good. 

First......His last A1C?  6.3 

Unbelievable right?  I know.  Kevin and I are pretty sure our meter is reading high.  But whatever.  We'll take that number and move on.  With a grateful heart. 

(Along with a healthy dose of caution because seriously, random tests with other meters, show that our meter runs high every single time.  Guess that's why the A1C was so low.....)

Moving on...I'm finishing up a great Bible study with some online friends.  Here's the link if you want to join the new study in January.  (They haven't actually said they're doing one, but I'm betting they will and you will love it!)

Third...I've spent the last 3 weeks embarking on a CrAzY journey:  It's called "Hiding Romans 8 in my Heart."  Yep---the ENTIRE chapter!  Call me nuts, but I signed up.  Here's the link if you want to join me.  You would be a couple weeks behind, but you could still do it.  They have some great resources to help.  I've learned verses 1-6 so far....

Other quick news....Matthew won the spelling bee for the 5th grade.  That's the 3rd year in a row that he's won.  One of the benefits of reading constantly!

The house is decorated and I'm so ready to celebrate Christmas.  So grateful to the Lord for simply everything.

Hope you're all doing well.  One day soon, I hope to get back into blogging more faithfully.  And keeping up with your blogs.....Right now, I'm just enjoying life.