Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tip of the Day: Makeup Remover

Because I wear contact lens, I'm very picky about my eye makeup remover.

I also tend to be....ahem...cheap.

But most of the inexpensive removers leave a greasy film on your eye that is quite nasty when you wear contacts.

So.....Johnson's Baby Shampoo to the rescue!

This stuff is fantastic for removing makeup!

It doesn't burn or sting. It doesn't leave that yucky residue.  And it even works on waterproof makeup!

It's much less expensive than fancy removers and lasts a LOT longer.  Even the generic brands work great.  (I usually buy the Target brand.)

One important note:  Make sure you wash with warm water.  This little tip doesn't work with cold water.

Oh!  And if you're wondering how I discovered this trick....my fabulous mom gave me the secret years ago.

Isn't she smart?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Insulin and Decisions: A Tough Job

My sweet Bloggy Friend, Wendy from Candy Hearts, wrote an amazing post about the power of insulin.

She also gives you a glimpse into the mind of every D-Mom and the decisions that are made on a daily basis.

It's a quick read that you shouldn't miss....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Basal Update

Last week I wrote about some changes I was making to Matthew's basal rate.  Guess what?

It didn't work.  That kiddo is still rising like crazy, starting around 9pm.

I actually grabbed that PDM and double checked to make sure I programmed it right.  I didn't accidentally lower the basal did I?  

No, I didn't.  Phew....

(Don't you hate it when your kiddo has an off-number and you immediately start reviewing what you could have done wrong? Hate that!)

Anyway, we've had several nights of correction after correction that just isn't working even though I upped another basal segment on Sunday.

Hmmmm.....I see more basal changes (and sleepless nights) in my future.

On the bright side,  Matthew is going through one terrific growth spurt.  We're talking HUGE!

Go Matthew!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Checking BG at Night

If you're a D-Mom (or Dad!), today's tip is just for you.

I've heard of people fumbling with flashlights, meters, and alcohol wipes in the middle of the night.

Been there.  Done that.

But there is an easier way.

First of all....skip the wipes!

Simply have your child wash their hands right before bed.  Easy breezy!

And if you haven't already--- install a dimmer switch in your kiddos room.

It's so much easier than fumbling with a flashlight at 2 o'clock in the morning!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Basal Talk

I have a confession to make:  As a D-Mom, I love talking about basals.

L.O.V.E. it.

For those of you that don't know, the basal insulin is basically your "background" insulin.  It's the insulin needed just to keep your body alive.  Then whenever Matthew eats, he has to take more insulin to cover the carbs.  That's called the bolus.

So anyhoo....I think it's fun to see what other people's rates are.  I feel a bit like a "Peeping Tom" but it's so interesting to me!

Just last week, the fabulous Penny from A Sweet Grace posted Grace's basal rates.  What a GREAT post!

I'm thinking of all this because we're finally upping the basal tonight.

Matthew has been "Random Man" for weeks.  Months!

We finally got a 4-day pattern, where he's high at 2am....so I'm upping the 12a-2a segment.

For all those who are curious like me, here is his current basal rate.  He's 11 years old and weighs about 85 pounds.

12a   .50
2a     .35
4a     .40
2p     .50
7p     .55
10p   .50

Many diabetics have a higher rate in the early morning hours, but Matthew has always needed more during the 8-10pm time slot.

And here's a peek at his ratios: (For those of you that don't know what this means.  In the example below, at breakfast, Matthew needs 1 unit of insulin for every 8 carbs)

Breakfast 1-8
Snack   1-10
Lunch  1-14
Dinner  1-14

Wow.  I remember when he was 1-45.  But you need what you need.

Now....anyone else game for sharing their basal??

Not that I'm curious....  ; )

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Store Celery

Today kicks off what I'm calling the "Tip of the Day."  Each Tuesday I'll share some helpful tips that I've learned over the years.

Sometimes it will be diabetes-related.  Sometimes not.

Today?  No diabetes talk.

Instead, let's head to the kitchen and talk about food storage.

Do you know the best way to store celery?

Take the unwashed celery, wrap it in aluminum foil, and keep it in the fridge.

COMPLETELY surround the celery with the foil so that NO celery is exposed.

It will last for a LONG time!

And you probably know that wilted celery can spring back to life quickly. Just cut off the ends and stand it up in a glass of water.

Now go make a salad for dinner!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tony Cervati: A Type 1 Hero

If you don't know the name Tony Cervati , then today is the day to change that.

He's an amazing biker and a huge influence in the Type 1 community.

He is Type 1 Rider.

Every day Tony shows that it's possible to THRIVE with Type 1.

He's very open about his diabetes.  Always posting his BG on Facebook.  The highs, the lows and everything in-between.

Sometimes I'll share that with Matthew and I think it's helping him to realize that his BG number is just information. Correct or treat and move on.

One last thing that I really like about Tony?

He's simply a nice guy.

Tony has over 3,000 friends on Facebook, but when Matthew sent him a question--- Tony actually responded.  And not a 2-word answer.  He really answered Matthew's question.

A few months later, I had a question.  Again, Tony gave me the most thoughtful and encouraging response.

But here's the exciting part!

Tony is about to embark on an amazing bike journey that you won't want to miss.  It's a documentary project entitled "Type1Rider: The Film."

Here is a GREAT video that's sure to inspire you.  Please take a few minutes and watch!  Matthew loved it!!

type 1 rider from Taproot Films on Vimeo.

You can also read more about his adventure here.

Go Tony!!  And thank you for being a hero!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Frustrated by Dr. Huizenga and Others...

One of the most frustrating parts of Type 1 Diabetes is that so many people do not understand.

EXAMPLE:  The Biggest Loser Dr.Huizenga.  Sometimes he disappoints me so much!

He continually tells us how he has cured diabetes.  Give me a break!

Diet and exercise can change Type 2 Diabetes, but there is NO cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  Every time he lumps "diabetes" together as one group, he hurts those who have Type 1.

PROOF:  My friend Lexi has a son named Justice.  You can find her fabulous blog here.  She wrote the following on Facebook today:

Justice called me. Sub teacher told him he CANNOT eat a brownie, he has diabetes. His mother should call a nutritionist, its not acceptable.  Momma fuming. Principal. Went to classroom to tell her that's NOT true or ok and she says "I am a dietician this isn't right!".  I am livid."
TRUTH:  People with Type 1 can eat anything.  There are NO diet restrictions with Type 1. People with Type 1 simply need to take insulin.  Matthew does not have to avoid sugar.  In fact, sugar often saves his life.  But there is NO cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  It has nothing to do with the food Matthew eats or doesn't eat.  He has Type 1 Diabetes because his pancreas doesn't work.

MY HOPE:  The Biggest Loser talks about the desire to "Educate America" about obesity and  issues related to that.  I wish that Dr. H would take that role seriously and offer the TRUTH to America.

If he doesn't, then clearly, he's the Biggest Loser.

One last note:  Please know that I don't get frustrated by the average person who doesn't know the difference.  When Matthew was diagnosed, I didn't understand the difference either.  What frustrates me is when people in the medical field are spreading incorrect information.  That is inexcusable!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking about "A Cure"

I have a confession to make:  I really don't pray for a cure.

Oh sure, I've tossed up a quick prayer here and there, but it's not a big focus for me.

Thinking about a cure distracts me from living life today.

In fact, I don't even like for people to talk about a cure. (Gasp!) It's like planning on winning the lottery one day.  Who can live that way?

Yes, I would LOVE it if there was a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

I would LOVE it if Matthew didn't have count carbs at every meal. Change the pod every 3 days. Prick his finger and test his BG 10 times a day.

It would be FANTASTIC if we didn't have to worry about lows.  Or highs.  Or....complications later in life.

But truthfully, my biggest prayer is that he'll always have access to insulin.

That's what scares me.

What if he doesn't have it one day?

No one can live without insulin!  And DKA can happen so fast.

A cure would be a huge blessing, but in the meantime, I will be thankful for insulin.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twister's Birthday

Our sweet dog turns 14 today!   Isn't she a cutie?

Just before Matthew was diagnosed with diabetes (about 2 years ago) she got very sick and we didn't think she'd make it.

Today she's happy, playful and doesn't take any medication at all.

However, she does tend to fall asleep.  On anything.

I took this picture when I realized she fell asleep on my library book!
She's goofy and we love her so much!

Happy Birthday Twister!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I know the DOC likes to refer to SWAGGING a lot.

But truthfully, as a mom, I really don't feel comfortable saying "swagging" to my son.

Do I really want to tell him what it stands for? (Silly Wild A** Guess, for those of you who don't know.  And yes, I had to look that up on the computer one day because I didn't know!)

Our family has a different take on SWAG.  We choose to think "Seeking Wisdom And God."

I like that SWAG much better!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Take on Restaurants

First up, I know this post will cause some controversy and that is the last thing I want to do.

PLEASE DO NOT GET MAD AT ME.  We all have different opinions on how to handle diabetes and I'm hesitantly tossing my thoughts out there.

Recently I read a post "bashing" restaurants for not having nutrition information.  And quite frankly, I don't see what the big deal is. (Gasp!)

Yes!  It would be GREAT if every restaurant provided nutritional information, but at the end of the day, we should be able to guess the carbs in food.

And we need to teach our kids to do the same.


Because you can't rely on nutrition information.

Every cook will dish up a different amount of food.

Ingredients change.

Recipes and portions change!

And what about when you go to a friends house for dinner, or a school party, or a church potluck?

I wouldn't hold my breath for carbs counts.

As parents, it's our job to know the food we allow our children to eat.

At least be able to make a good guess without relying on nutrition information.

And for goodness sakes!  Make sure you check BG 2 hours after eating, because odds are you didn't get it just right.

But I bet you'll be closer next time!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making Progress

Matthew is such a boy.  He wants to play, have fun, and think about diabetes as little as possible.

I get that.  And I try to not let it bother me.  Especially since he's great about paying attention to how he feels and catches his lows.

But whenever he's at a friend's house and they're having a snack, he'll always call and ask me what to do.

I would love for him to take a more "active" role in his diabetes, but again, I try not to let it bother me.  At least he's calling for help, right?

Well yesterday, he made HUGE progress.

He was at a friend's house and called, but this time it was different.

"Mom, we're having popcorn.  We measured out 2 cups and I already bolused for 8 carbs.  But I didn't check my sugar, because it's only been a couple hours since lunch.  Did I do that right?"

I was completely floored.  "Yes, honey.  You did it just right.  Good job!"

Now that's the way to start a New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Another D-Mom

I really don't have anything new to write about today (other than the BG rollercoaster continues.  Ugh)

So...I thought I would introduce you to a new D-Mom.  Well....she's not really new, but she's new to blogging.

Susie is writing at Through Diabetes and Beyond.  Perhaps you read her daughter's blog?  Jess is a 16-year-old type 1 who writes at Faith Injected.

If you don't know them, then goodness!  Pop over and say hi. They are both fabulous!

And selfishly, I'm really excited to read about diabetes from both points of view.

Sometimes diabetes can be such a lonely road....its always a blessing to meet others on this journey.