Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey All You D-Pros! I Have A Question

We're finally getting into the groove of pumping. Yay!

Overall, numbers are good. Ratios are working. Basals seem to be set. (Thank you, Reyna!)

But I have a question:

How do you know when you need to up the basal levels?

On shots, it was pretty easy....if Matthew's number rose during the night, he needed more basal. Do you look at those numbers to help you decide?

How do you know when to up the daytime basal?

I'm going to talk to our CDE about this at our next appointment, but I'm wondering what your rule-of-thumb is.

I know growth spurts are coming. Puberty is coming.

(Help me, Lord!)

I want to be prepared! : )

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hmm.....Lesson Learned

Matthew's BG: 54

He eats a glucose tab. Waits a bit.

Checks BG again: 466! You should have seen his jaw drop.

Hmmmm........did he clean all that powdery glucose tab residue off his finger? I think not.

Checks BG again: 82

Matthew's lesson of the day: CLEAN YOUR FINGER, DUDE!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FINALLY Some Victory!

I have all of 2 minutes to post, but I wanted to say YAY! We are finally getting some victories in the world of diabetes.

Monday night bible study has always sent Matthew's BG through the roof. But last night, we rocked! (Well, he did go low afterwards, but hey, I can make some minor adjustments. We're in the ballpark!)

School is another big issue for us. It has always sent Matthew's BG skyrocketing. It's been a nightmare actually. Last week's check-in between 1st and 2nd period: 285. This week: 185! And he was down to 87 by lunchtime. Can you say VICTORY?!

And how did I do it, people? I prayed and prayed. And then I prayed some more. I finally stopped and told God I really needed some help.

And God came through. (He is so faithful!)

He gave me an idea about giving a second bolus after breakfast or lunch (depending on the case above) and I'm extending that for 3 hours.

It's working like a charm.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update: I fixed that second link. It wasn't going to the post I wanted. Make sure you check it out! : )

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like for Matthew when he grows up.

Right now, it's so easy for me to take care of him. (Well, not easy...Exhausting is probably a better word.) But I am happy to manage his care...measure his food...calculate the right doses of insulin...boost him when he's checks in the middle of the night....whatever it takes.

But one day, Matthew will be on his own. I'm already dreading the day he's out of the house. I cannot imagine giving him this burden to bear on his own.

Yet somehow, I trust and believe that God's going to help him through this and make him a better person for it.

So...what will it be like for Matthew?

Click here to read a blog I love. Michael gives me a "peek" into Matthew's future life. Michael is a journalist, diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 5.

Go back and read some of his old posts. If you look on the right side of his blog and click'll see he's done a great job of categorizing his blogs. You can read about whatever topic interests you most. Here is one that really opened my eyes to the life a diabetic.

I'm so sorry that Michael has to live with diabetes, but he inspires me and I am so thankful for that!

He gives me hope that Matthew will do a great job taking care of himself one day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Project

Wonder what I do in my free time? Besides reading, I like to crochet. Here's a little something that I've been working on:

Isn't it cute? And let me tell you, making it was a lot more fun than reading books about diabetes!

Quick pump update: Things are going pretty good. Still working out a few basal issues, but nothing too big.

In fact.....yesterday was our very best BG day on the pump!! Woo Hoo! Yay! Awesome!

I guess God was preparing us for today. So far, it's been the WORST day on the pump yet....and it's not even lunchtime. Sigh.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Wonder.....

The tooth fairy is coming to our house tonight. Do you think she'd do a BG check while she's here? That would be so nice!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. My mom is missing updates, so I guess I better get my rear in gear!

I'll try to get better. : )