Monday, February 7, 2011

One Night Of Funny Dreams

Matthew dreamed he was on Wipeout.

Kevin dreamed that Mike Holmes (from HGTV) fixed up our house.

And I dreamed that I met Shania Twain.


Amy said...

I have a secret fantasy crush on Mike Holmes! ;)



Donna said...

Wow!!! What the heck did you guys do yesterday to inspire such vivid imaginations? ;o)

Trev said...

How's the house look? What did Shania have to say. I love the short blogs, they make my belly jiggle. Cheers!

Pam said...

Love Whipeout! Love HGTV! Love Shania!

I know I had lots of dreams last night but I can't remember any - too busy correcting high bgs all night after the super bowl party!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Me and the kids LOVE Wipeout! I want to know if Matthew won?????

connie said...

Love, love, love Wipeout!!! My kids can't get enough of that show :)