Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The BG Rollercoaster

Hello Fabulous Blogger Friends!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a fantastic holiday.  Very different from years past because no grandparents came to visit, but was a good Christmas nonetheless.

On the BG front, however, quite a different story.

It all started Christmas Eve night.  Matthew's BG dropped all night long.  I mean every single hour I was up checking that child.  Two juice boxes later, and after lots of temporary basals, he woke up around 120.  It was a long, rough night.

But when your child wakes up after a night like that, you are so very grateful to the Lord.  I couldn't do this without Him!  It's frightening to think what would have happened without our checking.

And what did happen?  Who knows?  Good 'ole diabetes.  We hadn't changed a thing.  Did the growth spurt end?  One would think.  But.....

On Christmas night,  I hadn't lowered basals yet (waiting for the 2 day pattern) and he ROSE over 100 points.  Really? Really.  It was Kevin's night and he watched him like a hawk.  We were stunned.

Sidenote:  Despite the holiday, he didn't have any weird food that we haven't dealt with before. This is merely the "fun" of diabetes.  Because.....

Last night he dropped again.  I was up every single hour.  More juice.  More aggressive temp basals.  I finally got him up by 4am.

What a crazy few days, but I'm so thankful for the privilege of taking care of Matthew.  It's always a blessing, despite the occasional exhaustion.

And yes!  I'm lowering the basals today.  This pancreas needs a rest!


Misty said...

Hope you get some rest..and that the basal changes help with Matthews numbers..so true what you said-..who knows with diabetes...It is a blessing to read your blog. Thanks for sharing. You are a great d-mom. I also am so thankful to God to be able to take care of Isaac and all of my children. Prayers to you all. :)

Anonymous said...

wow girl.. I am so proud of how strong and incredible you are.. Matthew will fight it out like a prize fighter and I pray things will work out for you guys. Keep up the great spirits and I will most DEF keep up the prayers from up here. Hang in there! Love you guys!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Oh Tracy.....I'm sending HUGS!!!!!! Maybe all the excitement made him low?

There is nothing worse than sleep deprivation, especially when you NEED to be on top of your game when dealing with diabetes.

Thankfully our loving Lord kept Matthew safe and gave you the strength to keep plugging.

Misty said...

Oh Yuck! That is the most frustrating part of D for me - the guesswork and the not being able to pinpoint a reason for things like the roller coaster BGs. I love your attitude and am so happy to know you friend!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Ugh! Those night issues are the worst...everything seems to be magnified in those wee small hours!
Sending you hugs!!

Unknown said...

Wow...sounds like you have been a very BUSY Pancreas Tracy. Hope the basal lowering went well. Love and Happy Holidays to you and the family. xo