Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick Basal Update

Last week I wrote about some changes I was making to Matthew's basal rate.  Guess what?

It didn't work.  That kiddo is still rising like crazy, starting around 9pm.

I actually grabbed that PDM and double checked to make sure I programmed it right.  I didn't accidentally lower the basal did I?  

No, I didn't.  Phew....

(Don't you hate it when your kiddo has an off-number and you immediately start reviewing what you could have done wrong? Hate that!)

Anyway, we've had several nights of correction after correction that just isn't working even though I upped another basal segment on Sunday.

Hmmmm.....I see more basal changes (and sleepless nights) in my future.

On the bright side,  Matthew is going through one terrific growth spurt.  We're talking HUGE!

Go Matthew!


Misty said...

I think Isaac is "having" a growth spurt also..upping a few basals ourselves! Thanks for sharing..
Here's to growing boys :)

Anonymous said...

To give you an idea of basal changes starting 6pmish and ending usually 1:30 sometimes 3:30 in the morning, during puberty and early teens (the worst year was at 12 years, I believe), there were nights when her basal trippled (and that 6pm thru 11pm basal was usually double her baseline basal to begin with). So, for us, regular basal increases didn't even touch the numbers. We started with plus 75 percent temp increases, on up to 100 percent. And if that didn't work we upped the basals and put the 100 percent on top of that. The only thing I would caution is that those basals did not extend the whole night. She would come back to baseline either 1:30 am thru 3:30am. You dare not sleep with those kind of increases going on. So put on the coffee pot and get ready. It is a rocky ride. We are on the other side now :) . But not sure about boys, think their growth spurt lasts until they are 18 or 19. Good luck and grab sleep and naps any time you can.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

I have so done that...checked the PDM to see where I must have screwed up!
Hope things level out soon....those basals are tricky little suckers!

Misty said...

Oh yes, when the numbers look ugly, I always start searching for what I did wrong!!

We recently had to increase Ally's basals too. The endo's suggestion made my heart stop! It was such an increase (and we usually inch up). But it worked! Growth spurts are difficult. Good luck!

Susie said...

ugh!! all of the changes are crazy!
I'm so glad Jess has finished growing! Hang in there! You are so diligent, you'll figure it out!! :)