Thursday, July 5, 2012

American Ninja Warrior Show: Kyle Cochran

A Type 1 Ninja?

Have you been watching American Ninja Warrior?  Matthew loves this show!  At first, he was bummed because he didn't think anyone with Type 1 Diabetes would be a contestant.

But then he saw young man named Kyle.

Kyle Cochran

He's the first Type 1 to qualify for the show.  And guess what?  He's made it to finals!

Not only is Kyle a great athlete, he's also a straight-A student at San Diego State University studying physical therapy. To top it all off---he's active in his church.  Love that!

Finals Begin Sunday

Grab your Type 1 Kid and watch American Ninja Warrior this weekend.  I'm sure you'll be inspired.

And be sure to visit Kerri's blog at Six Until Me.  She has a great interview with Kyle on her website!


Misty said...

We have watched the show in the past..Thanks for letting us know about Kyle :) Hope you are having great summer.
Isaac really liked wearing the pod on his calf-his numbers were fine wearing it there also!

Kelly said...

Love this! We will have to check it out.

Tracy said...

Our 11yo was stoked to see him on there! He's an awesome role model for my guy. :)