Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey All You D-Pros! I Have A Question

We're finally getting into the groove of pumping. Yay!

Overall, numbers are good. Ratios are working. Basals seem to be set. (Thank you, Reyna!)

But I have a question:

How do you know when you need to up the basal levels?

On shots, it was pretty easy....if Matthew's number rose during the night, he needed more basal. Do you look at those numbers to help you decide?

How do you know when to up the daytime basal?

I'm going to talk to our CDE about this at our next appointment, but I'm wondering what your rule-of-thumb is.

I know growth spurts are coming. Puberty is coming.

(Help me, Lord!)

I want to be prepared! : )


Meri said...

This early in pumping, it is a good idea to consult with the CDE. What I do is look at the time that the rise begins. If he is rising between 12 and 3 am...then he needs his basals raised probably between 10:00pm to 1:00am. Since you are dealing with short acting, you need to know that the last basal change time will affect him a couple hours after. Does that make sense? If there is a consistent rise in the middle of the night, then he needs basals upped the few hours proceeding. Good luck! I hope I helped a little.

Unknown said...

The nights are easier b/c they are not ingesting carbs routinely...what Meri said on the nights. During the have to have Matthew go a few hours without carbs. To get an assessment it is important that he enters the no carb consumption period at a good number like 90 to 200 (or so)...then check a BG every hour to see if he is climbing or falling and make adjustments accordingly. Usually increase or decrease basals 1 hour or so prior to the rise or drop of BG. Does that make sense? If not...feel free to email me. Penny left and uber awesome basal assessment comment on my post about "Your Only As Good As Your Basal".

Trev said...

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