Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update: I fixed that second link. It wasn't going to the post I wanted. Make sure you check it out! : )

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like for Matthew when he grows up.

Right now, it's so easy for me to take care of him. (Well, not easy...Exhausting is probably a better word.) But I am happy to manage his care...measure his food...calculate the right doses of insulin...boost him when he's checks in the middle of the night....whatever it takes.

But one day, Matthew will be on his own. I'm already dreading the day he's out of the house. I cannot imagine giving him this burden to bear on his own.

Yet somehow, I trust and believe that God's going to help him through this and make him a better person for it.

So...what will it be like for Matthew?

Click here to read a blog I love. Michael gives me a "peek" into Matthew's future life. Michael is a journalist, diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 5.

Go back and read some of his old posts. If you look on the right side of his blog and click'll see he's done a great job of categorizing his blogs. You can read about whatever topic interests you most. Here is one that really opened my eyes to the life a diabetic.

I'm so sorry that Michael has to live with diabetes, but he inspires me and I am so thankful for that!

He gives me hope that Matthew will do a great job taking care of himself one day.


Amy said...

If I think about that too much, Tracy, I go crazy. But, thank you for the link to Matthews blog. Maybe reading about some adults with T1 diabetes, especially if they werte diagnosed as children, will help me feel better knowing my Ellie can be self sufficiant . . . . someday!

Meri said...

Michael is an inspiration to me as well! I also am putting it all in the Lords hands. He has a plan for me...and a plan for my boys. I can't stand in the way of that...I have to let them fly one day.

Unknown said...

I love his posts's so nice to have these PWD's paving the road for our kids. Blessed!

PS -- I'm doing pretty good with my daily reading. Man, making that time sure does help keep life in perspective.

Shannon said...

I try not to think about the long term consequences. It is too much. But I can say that our goal as parents is always to prepare our children for adulthood and to do it in small amounts, at the appropriate time. Diabetes makes that job a little bit more daunting, but not impossible. And just as with our non-D children, we will have to learn to let go so they can be all God is calling them to be. Thank you for sharing the blog, because I still have a lot of questions about how to best prepare my son for his future.