Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello out there.......

Sorry I've been MIA.....again. 

All you faithful bloggers seriously impress me.  I mean, how do you do it?  I can hardly write my own posts each week, much less keep up with all of you!

But I want to!  I love you!  I miss you!  Bear with me while I catch up on my blog reading.

And forgive me in advance when I slip up again.  And I will.  But I'm not doing it on purpose!

Okay, with that said.  Life is totally CrAzY here. Can you say "High BG?"

During Spring Break, Matthew's started having lots of highs.  That trend has seriously continued.  (Day before yesterday, he spent ALL MORNING hovering around 350.  Yesterday, 250.  Sigh.) 

I keep upping the basal. It works for a bit, then I need to up it again. 

At first I thought it was another growth spurt---and it may be---but I think he's working out of honeymoon. (It's been just over a year since diagnosis.) 

But people, the honeymoon ending is NO honeymoon.  Yikes!  I'll be so glad to get him settled soon.

In the meantime, I'm just really trying to stay on top of it.  As soon as I see a pattern, I increase the insulin and try to slay that dragon! 

But I'm not much of a warrior.  Sigh......

Hugs and kisses to all!  : )


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

That's all you can do. You are doing great!

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

I keep falling off the blogging wagon too!! I always feel guilty too!! You are doing better then me!!! Big hugs and welcome back!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

You're a fine D warrior! Keep up the diligence! It'll pay off. :)

And blogging, I took some time off too a few months ago. Sometimes, it's just too much. The DOC will be happy to read more from you whenever you're ready to jump back in.

Unknown said...

WOOT...SLAY AWAY D Mama Sistah. You are doing just fine. And...don't beat yourself up on the blogging thing. I would never ever never ever have been able to blog for the first year or two or three after Joe's diagnosis. So, we are happy to hear from you, we love you...'nuf said.


Heidi =) said...

Bekah has been coming out of her honeymoon as well. No fun! Glad to hear from you! <3

LaLa said...

Slay that dragon!
I hope things settle down soon. Praying for you.

Stephanie said...

We are battling highs as well...and I totally get the blogging thing. I took a break for a bit and it was nice not to think about D "all" the time (even though we have to).