Monday, October 3, 2011

Right can still go wrong....

One thing I hate about can do everything right and it still goes wrong.

We just celebrated Matthew's birthday.  Full of pizza, cupcakes, running around, excitement....and yet, we rocked the BG!  It was a great day.

A little before bedtime, Matthew's BG was 124.  Not bad, but we still gave him 2 PB crackers for a little boost.  He gradually (and I mean gradually!) made his way to bed. 

Kevin and I settled down to watch a little TV, feeling confident that Matthew was okay.  We planned to check him in an hour before we went to bed.

But then Matthew called down that he felt low.  Really low.

He was 52. 


And we were not going to check him for another hour.

It took our breath away.

Thankfully, he was still awake and felt it because lows never wake him.

Kevin and I were both pretty shaken up.  It was a scary way to end his birthday and yet, we're so grateful that it did end that way and he's okay.

Now we just need to work on getting a CGM.  Matthew is totally against it, but Kevin and I really can't take this anymore.  This is the 3rd time something like this has happened.

It's scary.

Beyond scary.

We don't want to lose him to diabetes.


Penny said...

I am glad you caught the low. This is scary. Same same Tracy, same same.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Those lows make my heart pound. So glad you caught it.

I'm glad he had a great birthday though! Please give him belated wishes from us. :)

Please share with Matthew that Jack does not mind his CGM at all. Sometimes, the adhesive on the sensor irritates his skin, and he then complains that it's itchy. But that's not all the time and that's it. He never minds the insertion or carrying around the receiver. Actually, I think Dex gives him a little peace of mind too.

I just created a video for Justice. It's on my blog now. Have Matthew take a look at it. First, you'll notice my friend Sam's son with T1D. He's the one wearing a bathing suit and eating a piece of cantaloupe. Matthew will be able to easily see his Dexcom sensor, which is on his stomach. Then, at the very end of the video, when the kids are saying goodbye, if you look closely, you can see Jack's Dexcom sensor. It's on his left leg. He's wearing a light blue shirt and green athletic shorts. He's the one who talked about Disneyland. Next to Jack is Tracy's Superhero. You can see his Dexcom sensor on his arm.

Also, earlier this year, Sugar was not feeling comfortable with her CGM, so Wendy collected photos of kids wearing and using their CGMs. If I remember correctly, she wrote about post about. I'm sure she could point you to the post, or if you scroll back through her blog, you could find it.

Joanne said...

Tell Matthew Happy Birthday for us!

If you want to get together so Matthew can see Elise rockin' the cgm, let me know. She usually loves to show it off (as well as show off how brave she is during an insertion).

I can't imagine life without it.

Cynthia G. said...

We have had very similar Birthday experiences. Very scary! Our son uses the Medtronic CGMS that links straight to his pump screen. He too used to complain of being itchy under the transmitter but someone recommended putting Tegaderm underneath and now he doesn't complain.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! I can totally relate to this post...we have been getting blindsided by lows too. So glad that you caught this one and he is okay today.

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! Praise the Lord for his safety!

Sending HUGS!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Joe doesn't mind his CGM either...He actually seems to LOVE seeing where his number is and where it is headed. I frequently see him looking at it for "security". We use EMLA (numbing cream) before inserting the CGM. You just have to put the cream on for an hour and then wash it off well before inserting the probe.

Love you guys. "D" gets real scary at nights...especially after pizza and unknowns. xo

Jules said...

it is scary. its a miserable freaking disease. dont let fear steal your hope or joy tho. i have to have all my trust and faith in the Lord to get us through this, until theres a cure. big big hugs.xx

Rachael said...

Lows are very scary... Good thing you caught in time..

Unknown said...


Just seeing this...I'm so happy to have already known the ending before I started reading.

Those lows are horrible :(

Here's the post Heidi alluded to...