Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Cost of Being a Fun Mom

So last night, Matthew does the unthinkable: he asks if we can have pizza. FOR. DINNER.

Let me start by saying that for the most part, we rock pizza. Sure it is 2 shots: one up front to get the insulin going, followed by a second shot a couple hours later to cover the fat spike, but we've never had a big problem. AT LUNCH.

Dinner is a totally different ballgame. (And I'm not athletic!)

But we decide to go for it. Yesterday had been crazy. Kevin is off this week, but he'd been out all day. Painters were at the house all day finishing up some repair work. They didn't finish until 6pm and the house reeked! Getting out for dinner sounded great.

But pizza?

Could I say yes? Could I be the "Fun Mom" who would actually let her son have pizza for dinner?

My brain was racing......Well....we haven't had too many highs....I'll just check and correct....prevent that spike.....



Here's the proof.

6pm: 185 (Hmm....higher than usual. I correct and give 70% of insulin for pizza up front)

Eats pizza. Typical amount.

7:30pm: Quick walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Me thinking: this will be great for his sugar!

8:15ish: 85 (on the low side, yes, but I know spike is coming....What a smart mommy I am!)

9pm: 185 (I give remainder of insulin for pizza. I'm just so on top of this!)

10:30pm 304 (I'm so NOT on top of this. I correct.)

2am: 322 (I hate pizza. Again, I correct. I also wake him up and have him drink some water.)

4am: 218 (Whew...)

6am: 134 (Not bad.)

Pizza for dinner. STUPID.


NikDuck said...

You are not stupid! I am so impressed with your attitude and ability to handle pizza. We have only had pizza once or twice in the last 6 months (since Natalie's diagnosis). I feel like a failure when we have to give a 2nd shot after already giving insulin for what she has eaten. I just need to take your approach and correct it later with a 2nd shot and deal with it. I feel like they left that part out when explaining everything to us in the hospital. They just made it sounds so easy....she can eat anything, just give her insulin to cover it. Not so fun when you have to keep giving shots to cover it all night though! You handled it and he was fine by morning, right? You are doing great!

Unknown said...

Pizza for DINNER is the DEVIL!!! I have been in the "d" biz for 4 years and I still don't have pizza down for matter what I do...I eventually catches up to Joe... I can keep his blood sugars within range for like 6 hours then 300s (once or twice). It is better than it used to be...but difficult none-the-less.

P.S. Yep...I usually wake-up @ 4 or 5am...that is the only way I would be able to blog and hang out with the DOC! guys are sooo worth it though. I'd be nuts without you. (((HUGS)))

Amy said...

Oh no! But the situation sure provided an entertaining and witty blog post, right?! I know, not worth it.

I agree with 'NikDuck' about the medical people making it sound so easy and that anything goes! So not so.

At least you got to play the role of fun mom!!!!

Lisa said...

Look at it this way, another first! - Pizza for dinner! It's not that unknown enigma anymore. So, just a suggestion - can you "change" pizza? We started making our own pizza from flatouts. Top your own, no sharing, etc. The kids like them alot. You are so awesome! You can do it all, You are the fun mom, just rock it Your way!

Sarah said...

We make our own pizza from Pillsbury Hot roll mix, organic tomato sauce and toppings of each person's liking and haven't had trouble. We don't do too much delivery so no experience yet with that one but KUDOS to you for trying.
I also wanted to say thanks for your honesty on your blog about how difficult things can be and yet staying so positive, too.
Have a great weekend :)

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Sounds like you rocked it to me! The more you do it, the less stressful it will become. You are a great and fun mom and I'm glad you said yes. :)

connie said...

Pizza is tough...I have struggled over and over with that one! I can never seem to get it just right :(

(((hugs)) You did great!

Unknown said...


What is that?

You did awesome, my friend. Thanks for sharing this crazy ride with me :)

Amanda said...

I love the title of your post! I told my sister just the other day that I always want to be the fun mom but it is often just too hard and I often end up being the party pooper...

I love that you let him have the pizza. Sometimes I let Emma do things that I know will wreak havoc on her numbers for a while, but I worry that always controlling her life so carefully and always according to D rules may wreak havoc on her sanity a I making any sense? I think sometimes they just need to be a "normal" kid for a second and to heck with D's rules!

LaLa said...

So, want to meet for dinner? Pizza anyone? You did great - pizza is a pain in the patooty!!

We eat pizza, we eat cake, we have to live -- I think you are a very fun mom!! :)