Friday, January 13, 2012

Frustrated by Dr. Huizenga and Others...

One of the most frustrating parts of Type 1 Diabetes is that so many people do not understand.

EXAMPLE:  The Biggest Loser Dr.Huizenga.  Sometimes he disappoints me so much!

He continually tells us how he has cured diabetes.  Give me a break!

Diet and exercise can change Type 2 Diabetes, but there is NO cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  Every time he lumps "diabetes" together as one group, he hurts those who have Type 1.

PROOF:  My friend Lexi has a son named Justice.  You can find her fabulous blog here.  She wrote the following on Facebook today:

Justice called me. Sub teacher told him he CANNOT eat a brownie, he has diabetes. His mother should call a nutritionist, its not acceptable.  Momma fuming. Principal. Went to classroom to tell her that's NOT true or ok and she says "I am a dietician this isn't right!".  I am livid."
TRUTH:  People with Type 1 can eat anything.  There are NO diet restrictions with Type 1. People with Type 1 simply need to take insulin.  Matthew does not have to avoid sugar.  In fact, sugar often saves his life.  But there is NO cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  It has nothing to do with the food Matthew eats or doesn't eat.  He has Type 1 Diabetes because his pancreas doesn't work.

MY HOPE:  The Biggest Loser talks about the desire to "Educate America" about obesity and  issues related to that.  I wish that Dr. H would take that role seriously and offer the TRUTH to America.

If he doesn't, then clearly, he's the Biggest Loser.

One last note:  Please know that I don't get frustrated by the average person who doesn't know the difference.  When Matthew was diagnosed, I didn't understand the difference either.  What frustrates me is when people in the medical field are spreading incorrect information.  That is inexcusable!


NikDuck said...

I SO agree. I haven't watched this season yet and should just press "delete" from my dvr, because I already know it is going to upset me! I often use the "Biggest Loser" as an example to explain the difference to people between type 1 and type 2. Our CDE told us at diagnosis that she wishes both types were not called diabetes because the diseases are SO different. The media needs to start saying "type 2", not just diabetes. Same with all the stupid commercials. Natalie hears all that crap and gets excited about talking meters and pills for your diabetes. I try to shut it off before she hears too much. I hate that she will have to listen to that crap for the rest of her life. Sorry, I just vented a book.

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

This is a great post Tracy! I will be writing a letter to the Biggest Loser tonight. There is just too much misinformation coming from the medical field.

That substitute teacher should be told to go back to school because she's obviously undereducated. She knows just enough to be dangerous. What if Justice was having a bad low and needed to eat sugar to bring it up and she said, "NO!". That could have turned into a quick medical emergency.

I hope mamma bear Lexi really let her have it.

This is all completely inexcusable!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

I called a grocery store bakery, identified myself as the school nurse and told them that I needed a carb count on a cupcake they produced. They asked why and I said that we had a child who was diabetic who was going to eat one since it was a class birthday party. The "baker" told me "No, he can't do that. Anyone knows when you have the diabetes you can't eat sugar". Let's just say I didn't keep my cool when I finished my conversation with her and HE DID EAT A CUPCAKE!!!!!!

Kelly said...

All I can say after reading this post is...unbelievable!