Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Update

The doctor said Matthew definitely needs to be on the steroid 2 more days.

I doubled his insulin dose (a rather scary thing) and his numbers have been much better. Until late afternoon.....he shot up to 275 again. Sigh.

Let's just hope the poison ivy goes away and stays away.

One sidenote. Remember when I said I would be honest and write what I was feeling whether good or bad. I've discovered I'm a total liar. I don't think I can be that transparent.

Yesterday was really difficult, with his numbers being so resistent to come down and the poison ivy getting worse. I cried myself to sleep. I considered writing about it for about 1/10 of a second. No way can I do it.

I don't want to get all of you depressed, too. And hey, I know the rough times won't last, so there's really no point in making you worry. Right?


Amanda said...

Hi Tracy - I just read your dx story and am sitting here crying. I loved the part about your prayer to get rid of ketones. I am Christian too, and I know God answers our prayers!
I will pray that Matthew's poison ivy gets better fast!
I have a little Matthew too, but it is my five year old daughter, Emma, that was diagnosed in April of 2009. We are at

Lindsay said...

Hi Tracy, I just found your site through Joanne's site (death of a pancreas) and it made me cry. I know how hard diabetes is (I was diagnosed at 18 and it's almost been 11 years.). I am a Christian too and God does answer prayers. I still get frustrated with diabetes and sometimes it feels good just to cry. I can't imagine what it's like to have a child with diabetes and I know if you could trade places with him you would. I am now 28 years old and almost 10 weeks pregnant with my first child and I just pray for a healthy child. You are amazingly strong and I know you get your strength from the Lord. Just take it one blood sugar reading at a time. :) Many blessings to you!