Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Update

Diabetes sure doesn't stop Matthew from doing anything. While adventuring through the woods this past Sunday, he got into poison ivy. It's all over one side of his face and neck. His eye was seriously swollen. Sigh.

We ran him up to CareNow so he wouldn't miss much school and that doctor wanted to put him on steroids, but said we needed to check with the endocrinologist. Once we spoke with the diabetes nurse, we learned that steroids can make you insulin resistent. So we tryed a cream and decided to wait to see if that worked. It didn't and yesterday we finally gave in and started the steriod.

Now, of course, we have high numbers. Despite corrections, I can't seem to get him out of the 200's and he has a trace of ketones. (That's kind of a poison that your body puts out when your sugar is high and/or you're fighting an illness.)

I spoke with the nurse again and we have a plan, so that's good. We're pumping him with fluids, giving corrections and praying for quick healing!

Poop on poison ivy!

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