Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Fresh Start

As many of you know, I started blogging a few years ago to detail our adventures with homeschooling. It sure has been a good ride! And this year, Matthew's transition to school could not have gone better. He absolutely loves it and so do I. In the fall, we'll add history, but I plan to continue homeschooling math for another year or two. For now, rest assured that school is just fantastic.

The new adventure now is Type 1 Diabetes. Matthew was diagnosed in March of this year and though many tears have been shed, we're doing well. God is good and He's getting us through. The night of Matthew's diagnosis....well, I won't post the details right now. I plan to write a long post outlining the whole story. It's one that showcases Matthew's bravery and God's goodness.

Those of you who followed my old blog are going to be shocked at how often I update this one. I want a record of this. For me. For Matthew. For friends. For grandparents who faithfully ask "What was Matthew's number this morning?" and "Did he go low after soccer?"

One warning though....I plan to be honest. Some days, Matthew's numbers are fantastic and I'm going to write about it. But some days his numbers will be so out of whack, it'll leave me in tears and I'm going to write about it. It's all part of our story.

Let's make a deal though. Please don't worry about me if I'm having a rough day, just pray a little harder. Okay?

Until there is a cure, life has changed, but God has not. He is still good.


Shannon said...

HI! Welcome to this bad club of moms! I love how you explained that there will be bad days and I plan to use it in my blog... I havent shared with friends and family for this excat reason. I was worried Id get the 15 calls after a bad day! My son Joshua was dx at 11 months this last feb so we are in the same learning time line... it sounds like Matthew is older though but maybe we can support eachother. THe Dmoms are really great and Ive been very lucky to find them! You can find us at

traveller said...

Thank you for this..I keep forgetting that though life has changed, God has not. And we all just need to draw closer to Him.