Thursday, April 14, 2011

Endo Appointment Next Week.....

So....of course BG's are not the best this week.  Don't you just hate that.

Random highs for no reason.

And then highs that come because...well....had a meal out and didn't quite count those carbs right.

Either's highs and more highs. 

Every week for the past month---I mean every single week---I have had to up Matthew's basals.  I think we've only had 1 day in the past month where he was in range the entire day. 

But I've been quick to correct.  I'm learning to be aggressive.

And yet, cautious.  Especially at night.

(The story of the teenager who lost her life this week breaks my heart.  Before Matthew had diabetes, I had no idea that kids actually died of this disease.)

It's all such a balancing act.

I guess the A1C on Monday will tell the real story......

Edited to add:  Just checked the BG and he's high again.  Oh goody!


NikDuck said...

I know the feeling of these constant highs. We are having them frustrating. Hopefully the A1C will be better than you expect. We had a lot of highs with strep and then still had a good A1C so there is hope!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

It's Murphy's Law. It never fails. An upcoming endo appt always means wonky, high numbers for us. Go figure! Good luck on Monday!

BTW I like the new blog design. :)

Unknown said...

Bummer on the highs Tracy. You will get those babies smacked down to size in no time. Keep up the great work Mama Pancreas!


Thanks for your comment about the pod. I am definitely a little weary over that particular feature...that and the Dexcom bit. I will continue to talk with Joe about it...I honestly had no idea that the tubing bothered him a bit. Made me a little bummed for the little guy.


Jules said...

i know the feeling of oh no, the endo appt is coming up. i gotta see the a1c report card and weve had virus and illness one after the other. needless to say it was his worst since diagnosis. you think we'd be getting better at this, not worse. but what can you do, but treat the numbers as they come up.