Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Listened

God has been talking to me a lot lately.  And yes, I listened this time.  Boy did it pay off!

It all started several weeks ago, after the earthquake in Japan.  I started thinking....what if Matthew didn't have access to insulin?  Am I prepared for an emergency?  What would we do?

So.....I wrote out an emergency list (oh my, it is huge!).  I'll try to remember to add the list to the end of this post.

Anyway, I packed a backpack.   I did not include everything from the emergency list (no insulin, ice packs and such) but I did print out a copy of the list and put it in the pack, so we could run through it real quick and get the necessary supplies.  No thinking needed. (I love that part.) the back of my head, I kept thinking....I should put an extra lancing device in my purse. Matthew has one in his kit now, but what if he loses it.....

So.....I tossed one in my purse.  Actually, I went ahead and tossed another glucose meter in as well.  Just in case....

Several times, I picked up that little kit in my purse and got ready to take it out.  Do you have any idea how full my purse is??? 

But every single time, I felt like God was telling me I needed to keep it there.  Okay....

Fast forward to yesterday's soccer game.  We go to check Matthew's sugar pre-game and----you guessed it!----the poker wasn't there! 

But this prepared little momma opened her purse, whipped another another poker and saved the day!  I mean, really, how else would we have checked his sugar?  I sure didn't want to use that pocketknife in my purse!

I know without a doubt that God had been preparing me for that moment and yay!  I listened.  I should do that more often....

Here's our emergency list.  I'm just keeping the backpack in our pantry.  Ready to grab at a moments notice. 

If we're away from home when the emergency arises, we're outta luck.  I'm not sure what to do about that.  Matthew always has his kit with him.  I pray that will give us what we need until we could get access to everything else.

Emergency Diabetes List
Get Matthew's daily kit
Get insulin from fridge
Write down pump settings/ratios
Ice packs
Test strips
Batteries for pump
Ketone strips
Back-up meter/strips
PB crackers
Alcohol wipes
Copy of prescription info
Glucose tabs
Insulated pack
Granola bars
Juice boxes
Frio pack

All you rockin' D-Moms.....let me know if I forgot anything!


Amy said...

This is inspiring . . . and overwhelming . . . and totally necesssary! Thank you for sharing your list so I have a jumping off place.

I did think of something you forgot, though. A nice bar of dark chocolate and a mini bottle of wine for you to kick back with when the emergency is over!!!!! ;)

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

WOW!! What a great story about hearing and listening to that little voice that we all have. I too am sure that God was getting you ready for this day. I LOVE your list!! it is great!!

Hallie Addington said...

What a wonderful idea!! Some friends and I were talking about this not long ago and you have inspired me to get on it!! Because you never know...

Jules said...

One of the biggest things for me since R being diagnosed is getting organised. Food wise, supply wise, routine wise. Good post.