Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Won't Believe This.....

Yesterday it was one thing after another. 

It started with a pod failure DURING delivery of the morning bolus.

On a school day.

Just hours before a pizza party.

No joke.

Of course, with the failure the big question was....Did he get the insulin or not?  The PDM showed what amount he "supposedly" got.  I made calculations and gave him the rest once we changed the pod.

But....he checked after 1st period.  Over 300. 

Crap.  Yes, I hate it when words like that pop out of my mouth, but this 300 was causing serious problems because.......

Apparently, he did NOT get all the insulin.  OR

The new pod isn't working.....

(Keep in mind this is ON A SCHOOL DAY BEFORE A PIZZA PARTY!  My mind was racing trying to think through all the variables.)

Decided to go with a major correction, he got down to 277 by lunchtime.

Not really where I wanted him to be before loading him up with pizza.  But....

That's life sometimes.  Oh goody.

Good news the end, diabetes did not win!

After school he was a beautiful 123 and he stayed in range the rest of the day.

(Well, to be honest, that rage bolus may have resulted in some minor low blood sugar.  Just 70s.  And I may have had to give a couple glucose tabs....and....half a juice box.  Whatever!.....I'm calling it VICTORY!)


Denise said...

Victory for sure! Congrats!

Lora said...

Sounds victorious to me!!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Yuck! Of all the alarms we've had (and it's been A LOT) it's never been during a bolus. That stinks! And they are never at a 'good time' but school mornings with a pizza party in the plans...yuck!
Glad to hear everything got back on track!

Unknown said...

Ah...TOTAL VICTORY GIRL!!! WoHOOOO!!! I hate when "D" makes us guess. Scary.


LaLa said...

Sounds like a WIN to me!