Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp is a Huge Success!

Matthew is having a blast at camp.  He's up at the crack of dawn and falling into bed before the sun sets.  Nothing but adventure inbetween.  Life is good for that kid right now.  (I even let him off the hook for chores this week!)

His BG has been pretty good.  A couple of lows at times, but thankfully he recognizes them.  Plus, his nurse is fantastic!  God is blessing us once again.

Overnights are a different story.  Last night, he started going low. The exact same thing happened last year as well.  All the activity just caught up with him. 

Last night, I had to give him juice every 2 hours. Tonight I'm going to try a temporary basal and see if that helps.

One thing is for sure....I am amazed at how God created our bodies.  Seriously!  That pancreas is one fantastic little organ. 

Working ones really should get more recognition......


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Yes, working pancreases definitely don't get the credit they's an amazing organ for sure!
So glad that camp is going well. That delayed reaction to a busy day can make nights a lot of work...hope the reduced basal helps!!

Holly said...

You are right-functioning pancreases should totally get more recognition! : )

Hope you keep his numbers in range with the temp basal-*love* that feature!! : )

Nicole Duckworth said...

I agree the pancreas is amazing! People should not take their pancreas for granted! Glad to hear he is having so much fun at camp and that you are blessed with a wonderful nurse. Nicole

Hallie Addington said...

Yay for camp! Boo for lows! So glad he's having fun!!