Monday, June 20, 2011


VBS kicks off today and we're so excited!  The theme is taking us to New York.  Sounds like a fantastic adventure!

I'm volunteering in the Missions room, with my best friend.  (How convenient!)

Matthew will be with the 6th graders, hanging out with his best friend.  (Yes, we bumped him up a year so he could be with Garrett.)

I hope to have lots of pictures to share.  Especially of Crazy Hair Day!!

On a D-note....last year, VBS snacks were such a challenge.  Being on MDI was tough!  Trying to make sure his carbs matched that ratio...getting it exact.  Yikes!  It was hard work.

This year, the pump should make it so much easier.  Just pop in whatever carbs he eats and he should be good to go. 

I'm also much more confident about him catching lows.  I was a little worried last year.

It's amazing how much we've grown this past year with diabetes.  God is so good to get us through--successfully!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Have an AWESOME VBS! Ours isn't until August. We are using the Go Fish Guys. Have fun in New York!!!!LOL

Hallie Addington said...

Have fun!!! I am so glad that you are feeling more confident with things this year!! God is good!!

Jules said...

glad to hear about the growth, its encouraging to read, because weve just gone one year, hopefully this second year will show us some 'growth' with handling diabetes.

also - yay for crazy hair day !