Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Diabetes Death

We've lost another child to diabetes.  Beautiful 14-year-old Emily.  From what I've read this family was super active with the JDRF...very responsible family.  It's heartbreaking.

And, I think there was another death as 18-year-old who just moved into her first apartment and suffered lows all day. 

Days like this, I get so frustrated with people who look at Matthew and....almost ignore the diabetes because he's thriving.  Yes!  He's thriving, but only by the grace of God and serious care 24/7/365. 

So many people just don't get it.  Too many kids are dying from this disease.

It's a hard day to be a d-mom.


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

but by the grace of God, indeed.
my heart goes out to those families and I will surly be hugging Bean a bit tighter today!

Alexis Nicole said...

Yes it is. Very hard. (((Hugs))).

Diane D said...

My heart is so least we have each other

Unknown said...

Sad and angry. Love to you...xo

NikDuck said...

It is heart breaking to read about these losses. I noticed on facebook last night that the family of Emily commented she died of a stroke, not diabetes related. I know long term a stroke is possible with diabetes, but wonder if it was in this case. Regardless, it is still devastating.