Thursday, August 18, 2011

PLEASE Give Me Your Tips

How in the world do you keep up with social media without spending your life on the computer?

Seriously, I need help.

I want help!

With all my heart, I want to keep up with everyone's blogs, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Still....this is important to me so I want to figure it out.

I know some of you have this down to a science.

You know who you mascara wearing, princess-loving, candy-heart, Lawton owning, stiletto heel-loving d-moms....just off the top of my head.

I beg you!  Share your secrets!

I don't want to spend my life on the computer!


Deanna said...

I'm right there with ya Tracy! My blog is so neglected and I love the DOC, but can't keep up with the reading and end up feeling out of the loop. :(

Amy said...

I have to give myself persmission to get on the computer. It goes something like this:

- empty the dishwasher and load it back up and then you may compute.

- no puting until I have sorted the laundry and started at least one load.

- Must be done messing around on the computer in time to feed my family (breakfast, lunch and/or dinner)

- once on the computer, I only allow myself to finish 3 tasks (i.e. email, facebook, google reader, research, mindless games) even if the tasks don't take long, I must get sign off.

- Now I have to add; teach the children before I get to play and have my turn at the computer desk ;)

I have worked this out after MANY moments of realizing I spent a better part of my day clicking away at the keys. Call it self-discipline . . . I call it torture.

Denise said...

I find I have time to either read OR write but rarely both. This summer I haven't been able to do either :-( I have so many posts swimming around in my head but haven't had time to write them. And there are so many great blogs, I just can't keep up!!!

Meri said...

I have almost stopped reading blogs this summer. Totally hanging my head in shame. but I'm excited the kids have finally started school and I can get back in the swing of my peeps!

An hour in the morning, after the boys leave, and an hour at night after they are in bed. A lot of times that turns into 2 hours each. It isn't easy...but it is SOOO worth it! And you can just do what I do, and make the kids clean up their own messes when they get home. :)

Lora said...

My house is a mess...
The laundry is piled high... and I STILL don't get it all done ;)

Honestly, you do what you can. Some weeks I am on top of it and some weeks I can't keep up to save my life.

I'm kinda liking Amy's "torture trick" though :)

Jessica said...

I mostly read the blogs that come through my email or via Facebook. I have a ton on my Google Reader, but I forget to go there (yet another thing to check up on!) so my blog pile is HUGE! I try to read my favorites, those that I really connect with and learn a lot from, and I winnow it down if it gets out of hand. I find the distractions are so much these days between all the media/email/social media, etc...I have to be very careful how much I subscribe to. I was recently feeling overwhelmed by all the emails I was getting from stores, offers, etc...I had to do a major purge and unsubscribe to a lot of stuff...I felt much better after that.

However, I know reading from the DOC is so worth it. I recently had a pump malfunction problem from the DOC. I knew enough to keep pushing for it to be fixed or replaced, so I am thankful for the DOC.

Unknown said...

If I didn't have a Blackberry, I'd never make it onto FB or be able to return emails. Sad, I know...but it's true. I can whip it out while sitting in the pick up lane, for a few minutes in the parking lot before grocery shopping, or when I'm waiting for a doctor's appointment.

I've spent a year trying to figure out how to integrate Twitter more regularly, but I haven't been very successful.

Blogs. Well...unless I have a post I know I can bang out in 15 minutes (which isn't often) I can read them or write them. Rarely can I do both.

I do love blogging though, and I love the friendships I find through the blogs. So, I tend to make blogs more of a priority than everything else. I don't read books, I read blogs :)

Like Amy, I also have to reward myself with the computer. I'll deal with the dishes, get dinner prepped, pick up around the house, sort laundry, whatever before I allow myself computer time.

In the evenings, I LOVE to kick back with my laptop, but I wait until the girls are in bed, dinner is cleaned up, AND the hubs has had some attention (yes, THAT kind of attention!)

I also work from home so that helps. Three eves a week, I *HAVE* to be online...if I'm having a slow shift, I can surf around an leave lots of comments. You'll be able to tell if you get a Thurs/Fri/Sun evening comment......

What's today again?

Unknown said...

I read blogs in the early am...and I write in the early am. I rarely look at the newsfeed on FB and I don't follow much on Twitter. I usually don't get on the computer for the remainder of the day, unless...I have some free time and that is how I want to spend it. It is a balancing act and it took me awhile to figure it out. You are is difficult. xo