Friday, August 26, 2011

Silly Talk Overnight

Do your kids talk when they're half asleep and you're trying to get them to drink juice?

Sometimes Matthew is hysterical.

Me:  Honey, you need to drink some juice.  Can you drink some juice for me?

Matthew:  Yep. (Then closes mouth.)

Me:  Matthew, I need you to drink some juice.  Open your mouth.

Matthew:  I can't. I'm grounded.

Me:  No, you're not grounded, silly, I just need you to drink some juice.

Matthew:  Oh, I'm just talking to myself.

Me:  (Now I'm really laughing.)  Well....can you drink some juice?  Open your mouth.

Finally, I get the straw in his mouth and he drinks.  What a goof!


Amy said...


DD says the funniest things sometimes. The other night she was low and had been asleep an hour or so. I was trying to get her to drink a juice box and she kept holding her arm up to my face when I told her to drink. The only thing we could figure later was that maybe her foggy brain throught I wanted to poke her finger-- not exactly the way to do that, either, but still.... funny!

NikDuck said...

Ha!! Love the part that he was grounded! Natalie never wakes up or talks just sucks away like a baby goat.

Unknown said...

Ha!!! Love that he talks in his sleep to you. Joe will NOT drink juice in his sleep...only chews glucose tabs. I worry about his dentition.