Monday, September 5, 2011

The Bloody Mess...

We had changed Matthew's pod that afternoon.  At dinner, his BG was 315.  A quick look at the pod showed blood in the cannula.

We deactivated that one, put on a new one and I left Matthew to take off the old pod.

Then he started yelling to me.  Mom!  Come here!  LOOK AT THE FLOOR!

I'll be honest...first, I thought there was a snake on the floor. (Been there.  Done that.)

Then, when I realized he was standing at the pantry door, I thought water was leaking down from the upstairs bathroom.  (Been there. Done that too.)

But no.....instead blood was spilling all over the floor. Oh goody.

And while the pictures look horrible, Matthew wasn't in pain.  He was pretty shocked by all the blood, but not hurting.

That's when I thought camera!  So I asked if I could take a picture.

As soon as those words passed through my lips, he started laughing and laughing.

So....we got through our bleeder.  Been there.  Done that.


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Hopefully you won't have another bleeder, snake or water leak for a very long time!

Unknown said...

Too funny b/c right after I read your blog we had bleeders back-to-back. We almost never see blood with our sites and we had GUSHERS!

Anonymous said...

oh those stink! great thought wuth the camaera! thas just funny! the first time I tried on a site (at the pump class) it was a gusher, nearly turned me off pumping forever. luckely it doesn't happen often.