Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too Tired for Diabetes

I have always given 100% to Matthew's diabetes.  Always.

But not last night.

Backstory:  I'm recovering from a cold that has really taken its toll.  I feel so run-down.  Kevin has graciously done overnights for the past week, but last night I was on-call.  (Because I am feeling better and now Kevin is coming down with it.)

Anyway, at 2am, Matthew was 191.  We always correct a number that high.  So I'm staring at the meter thinking....I really should give a correction.  But if I correct him, I'm going to have to check at 4am.  Then I'm up at 6am....I can't do it!  I can't! 

Then a brilliant idea hit me.  (Thank you, Lord!) 

Maybe I can say this is a basal test!  It's not like he's 250....It really would be good to know if he goes up from here right?  AND...tomorrow isn't a school day for him, if he wakes a little high...I'll fix it.

So I went back to bed.  No correction.

I felt a little guilty for not giving 100% for Matthew.

But it kind of felt good, too.  I was giving me 100%. 

I got up around 6am, he was 177.  I gave a correction and he was good to go by breakfast.

Now....if I could only determine to give myself 100% when trying to drop 30 pounds....

(But I think this proves that I'm learning.....)


Joanne said...

Been there, done that... have a post to do about it!

Don't feel bad, you can't be 100% if you don't get enough sleep!

Kelly said...

Glad you gave yourself 100%!

Misty said...

I think it sounds like the perfect time to do some basal testing!

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Oh Tracy, I soooo hear you! My friend was just telling me yesterday that I need to take care of the caretaker in order to take care of everybody else.

I wish we lived closer together. We could start a d-mom exercise class.

Jules said...

i totally hear you. its a balance. if you dont take care of you, aka=sleep, who will? you have to make decisions sometimes that err on the side of safety in the short term to acheive sanity long term. iykwim. sometimes my mind battles over this, you know, if i give a full unit correction i have to wake at 2am, then up early, or i can give a half and get a decent sleep... big hugs xx.

Stephanie said...

And good for you too, my friend!! It's so hard to allow ourselves some slack...but we have to for our own good. If we're not 100%, then we can't give our kids 100%.

Love you too! Glad that you got some rest. :)

Anonymous said...

Worse yet would have been to set the alarm and give the correction when you know there was a pretty good shot you would not wake up for the alarm. He did drop quite a bit. You can also give half or even quarter corrections just to bring him down a bit but still stay safe. I think you made a good decision. And that WAS a hundred point drop; a substantial drop. So you needed a basal test....

Unknown said...

You are a WAY BETTER pancreas than I!!! I'll let Joe ride up to 250 at night. He doesn't do so often...but, I have been a bit lax on the night time numbers. Perhaps I need to tighten up a bit...Penny gives me grief (lovingly, of course) for my high threshold. xo

Unknown said...

Hi Five, Mama!

I've totally done it...and felt guilty about it. We correct for anything over 150 at night.

But, sometimes, I just can't. I just CAN'T!!!!

You aren't alone. All's well that ends well. NEXT!