Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Joy of Basal Testing

We've been really blessed over the past several weeks.  Overall, Matthew's BG hasn't been too wacky.

I mean, it's always up and down, but hey!  He has diabetes,right?

Recently, it's a different story.

Random highs all over the place....with no pattern at all. 

Overnight basal tests back-to-back showed different results!  (Thank goodness I didn't make changes or he would have gone really low!)

I'm going to tackle testing again tomorrow morning...hoping the results are consistent.  He went low today at school.  He was 156 at 2 hours and then went low after that.  I feel pretty confident that it's a basal issue.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Thankfully, Matthew is such a good sport.  I never ask him to do a basal test unless it's really necessary.

And people, it's necessary!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I feel your frustration Tracy. Diabetes just decides to not make sense whenever it wants. I'm so glad that Matthew takes it in stride. You're such a great D-mom!

Unknown said...

Good luck!!! I have been tweaking some night time basals around here. Oy.

Amy said...

Oh Tracy . . . you are wading out in unchartered territiry for me! I am dreading the day I have to grumble through basal testing. We are just on week 3 of the pod and so far so good, but now that I have said that I am sure all will go to pieces.

You inspire me!!!!