Monday, February 6, 2012

Can I Get Off this Roller Coaster?

Here's how the past couple days have gone for us.

Wednesday Night: Matthew dropped.

Thursday Night:  Steady Eddie. (I like it when this guy's around.)

Friday Night:  Matthew dropped again.

Saturday Night:  Steady Eddie returned.

But this time he was in the 240s because I was afraid to correct. (Can you blame me?!) The night before, Kevin had given him a full juice box because he kept dropping.

Finally at 2am, I did do tiny correction, but it just kept him steady. So I guess he was really rising since he resisted the correction.

Last night was even worse with a rise, BUT that does give me a 2 day pattern.

When he's like this, it's so hard to know what to do!


Lora said...

I agree, We have been in the same boat lately. One night I have Justin a snack uncovered before bed... then 2 juice boxes because the first ine f=didnt budge him. The next night I was scared to correct him at 200. Never a break is there?

NikDuck said...

Same, same on the last couple nights! So frustrating. One night 200's at bedtime with no snack and she was 70 by 2am. Last night 200's at bedtime no snack and stayed in 200's all night and this am. I had to laugh about the "Steady Eddie" comment since that is my husband's name. I'll have to use that around here. He'll love that I've got another d-word to use...not. :-)

Anonymous said...

I call this the "swinging like a monkey from the trees" pattern. We are in one now, not prepared cause we haven't seen this in a year. Basically, the only thing I can learn is to chart and mark the extreme lows and extreme high periods. That will give me a guideline as to how high I can go or how low I can go on the basals, or at least give me a baseline from which to start. Once you've been there a few times and back, you can refer to the periods and see if there is any similarity or if you can use anything from before. Good luck.

Kelly said...

We hardly ever see "Steady Eddie" around here...would love to meet him sometime!

Susie said...

Story of my life! Fighting lows the last 3 nights!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

So hard when the pattern isn't consistent! Bean dipped two days in a row at school and then stayed in the stratosphere the third day...glad I didn't touch the basal or who knows how high she would have been!

LOVE it when Eddie shows up...his visits have been more frequent lately and I'm super happy about that!!

Misty said...

Now would it really be an adventure if we didn't have roller coasters? Just kidding.

I can so relate.