Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Truth About Cheese

If you're a "nutrition label reading geek" like me, then this won't be news to you, but perhaps it will help a few people.

Did you know that cheese is not always carb-free?

When we were trained on how to care for Matthew, we were taught that cheese is always considered a free food.

Not true!!

For a long time the Kraft Single Slice cheese has had one carb, which is probably not a big deal for your kid.

BUT....recently I've noticed that the carb count has gone up to 2.

I'm guessing they've added more milk.

Again, 2 carbs isn't a big deal if your child is just having one slice.

But if they're hungry and decide to grab a few slices since they're "free" careful.

Those 2 carbs will add up quickly and that could make a big difference in the BG later!


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Good to know!

Kelly said...

Thanks for this....our package in the frig still reads 1 carb. I will take note for the next grocery store trip!