Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Victory!

Matthew continues to make huge strides in taking care of his diabetes.  And let me tell's a huge blessing to know that he's learning to take care of himself.  (A constant prayer of mine...)

I think I've mentioned before that there's no nurse at Matthew's school.  There is a teacher who has a daughter with Type 1 and she has graciously acted as his "school nurse since Matthew was diagnosed.  Nearly 2 years ago!

But for the past several months, we've been working to transfer responsibility over to Matthew.  The teacher is there if he needs her and he can always call me, but basically he's on his own for lunch.

And he's getting it!

Earlier this week, Matthew said he felt low in English (right before lunch) so he took a tab.

By the time he got to lunch, he still felt low and sure enough, he was 61.  He said he took another tab AND deducted 5 carbs from his lunch meal....just to make sure he wouldn't go low on the playground after lunch.

Couldn't have done it better myself!

I'm really proud of the way Matthew is gradually moving in the right direction.

Sometimes it's so hard to let go and trust him to take care of himself.

I worry about him making mistakes (because I've made a lot!) but I know the only way he's going to learn is to gradually let go.

This is the part of being a D-Mom that really stinks.

Well....that, and the loss of sleep.  ; )


NikDuck said...

This is so awesome to read! He is doing wonderful...good job mama! This gives so many of us parents with younger ones hope. I didn't know he didn't have a nurse either?? Is he in a private or public school?

Diane D said...

So great! You are doing a beautiful job of teaching him the ropes so he will be ready to take on this responsibility.

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Way to go Matthew! and a BIG HUG for you Tracy!!!!

Tracy1918 said...

Nikki (NikDuck) Matthew goes to the coolest school!

It's a private school---sort of a cross between public and homeschool. He goes 2 days a week with a full load of homework on the other days. The kids in higher grades go to school 3 days.

We love it!

Kelly said...

I agree...this does give us HOPE that our little ones will get to where Matthew is one day. High Fives to Matthew!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

WooHoo! Always awesome & nerve racking when they take those steps on their own!

Stephanie said...

Way to go, Matthew!! It makes me so happy to see a kiddo his age taking such great care of himself. I worry so much about how Adam will handle things when he is older. Yay!!

Unknown said...

HI FIVE!!!!!

Letting go is hard. H A R D!!!!

My girl is taking the reigns more often, and it's hard to trust that everything is going to be okay, because insulin can be so fickle.

Great job for him..and GREAT job for you!

Unknown said...

Grinning from ear-to-ear.