Sunday, June 27, 2010

Diabetes Camp

Matthew heads to diabetes camp tomorrow. Wow! It's only a day camp, but still.....he's never done anything like this and he's a little nervous. Excited, but nervous.

Truth be told....I'm nervous, too. Of course, let's be real. Those people are trained medical professionals!! I'm sure he'll get much better care than he does with me! So why am I fretting? I think I'll be much better after he gets through his first day and tells me about how much fun he had.

I think it's especially hard for me because he's had such terrible numbers recently. We have to take a log of all his numbers this past week and quite frankly, I'm almost embarrassed. This has been one of our worst weeks with diabetes.

Nearly every day just before lunch, he went low, thanks to all the activity at VBS. BUT.....I'm considering this a blessing because it'll help the folks at camp know how his sugar does with added activity. Right????? I really do think that's good.

And then, he's still having those insane highs at night. (Example: Friday night. At 8pm Matthew was 99 and at 9pm he was 222. With no carbs!)

I talked with the nurse yesterday and she wanted me to try lowering his dinner ratio. I had done this some, but it seemed like we were getting to the point where he might go low.

Anyway, we tried it last night worked! BEAUTIFUL numbers from dinner through breakfast. Around 9pm, he did drop to 77, but I didn't panic and treat. I waited 30 minutes to recheck. He went up to 83 and stayed there for about an hour. At that point, I gave half a juice box, praying he would not spike. He didn't! About 30 minutes after the juice, he was 120. At 3am, he came in at 112 and at 7am this morning, was a fabulous 95. I'm thrilled.

Of course, now we have camp and that throws us a major curve ball. I'm sure nights will be an adventure with lows a possibility. But I'm so thankful that at least we were able to conquer the highs before we added the extra variable. God is so good!

(If you prayed for us........THANK YOU!)

And since you're so good at getting answers to prayers, would pray for Matthew this week? Please pray that Matthew :
  • has a great time at camp!
  • that his blood sugar stays in range
  • that he meets a good buddy with the same values
  • and that he might consider giving himself a shot
  • that he will be inspired by his teen counselor and want to do that one day!

Thank you in advance!! By the way, if he gives himself a shot this week, I'm going to surprise him with a present!

Oh! And I will try my best to post about his first day tomorrow. It may be short, but I'll at least let you know how Day 1 goes!


phonelady said...

I will pray for the both of you that each has to do what they must and that they do so with ease .

Heidi =) said...

You are doing awesome! Great prayer requests, I will be praying! I think a present for giving himself a shot is awesome. (that is how I got Bekah to do her own BG checks) Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Amanda said...

Good luck to you and Matthew! It is hard after being in such a position of control (because you have to be!) to hand the control to someone else! I will keep you both in my prayers.

Unknown said...

OK...awesome! And please, please, please NEVER feel embarassed about numbers. Joe (now 7) has had "D" for 4 years now and can I just say we have had OUR WORST NUMBERS EVER this past month. So YOU have nothing to be embarassed over. Of course, I have to face to music tomorrow as we head to ENDO - UGH...xoxo

I hope CAMP goes GREAT!

Meri said...

I'll be praying for your cutie! He'll have a great time! No worries about numbers, your on top of it! It will all work out in the end! Just keep swimming!

Anonymous said...

As a former D-camper, I can practically guarantee you that he will have a blast! Diabetes Camp changed my life -- I still keep up with my friends from those summers, even though it's been 20 years.