Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Strange Night

So....last night Matthew checked his sugar before bedtime. A beautiful 128. Love that.

But....he still had 2 hours worth of insulin in him, so I decided to give him a handful of peanuts--yes, I measured them. 4 carbs.

I check him 2 hours later. He's at a whopping 269! WHAT?!?!?

(SIDENOTE: This same thing happened one night when my parents were here. Bedtime check was beautiful, gave him a few peanuts and he soared over 250. Very strange because I've given him peanuts at night before.)

I opted not to correct because at night, Matthew's body always corrects itself. Even that "peanut night" when my parents were here, Matthew was 75 by morning. (The exception to this is one night when he was on steroids)

Moving on.....2:30am BS 221 and by 4:30am there was no change. I finally did the correction (hate to give him a shot in the middle of the night) and he came in at 109 by breakfast.

So weird. And it makes me kind of sad. Matthew's body didn't correct itself. Are we moving out of honeymoon? Are his last little beta cells finally giving up?


Meri said...

Honeymoons are tricky. It seems like it's ending and then the good ol pancreas sputters out some help...just when you don't need it! Good luck with the could just be fluke, and not the beginning of the honeymoons end.

connie said...

With the D...who knows! I tell ya, it has thrown me for way too many loops. I have had similar experiences with my girls, just the other night my little one was at 110 before bed so I gave her a 6 gram 11:30pm her bg was up to 350!!!

I couldn't believe it! Most nights she would be fine with a snack of 6 grams of carbs, this night...not so much :(