Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Update

This will be such an easy update. With VBS keeping us busy, it's been the best week of the summer so far!


The big highlight of Matthew's week......VBS. Saddle Ridge Ranch! Matthew LOVED it! Seriously, it was the first time he just gave in to all the silliness. He dressed like a cowboy. He sang the songs-even doing the arm motions. Believe it or not, Matthew even dyed his hair orange and spiked it for Crazy Hair Day!!!


  • I had fun with VBS, too. Usually I help out with crafts, but this year I helped in the Missions Room and loved it. Each day, we focused on a different mission group in Mexico.....South Africa.....the was interesting and adventurous.
  • There's not much else to report because I was so tired. : ) I did manage to teach piano one day and run a few errands, but VBS is definitely the highlight this week.

Matthew's Blood Sugar

Well, quite frankly, those "pesky highs" are driving me insane. We talked about it at the doctor's appointment last week, and they had me make a Lantus time adjustment (moved from 8pm to 6pm). Well, that only created another problem. He started running really high before dinner. Great. Now there are 2 issues.

So.....I went back to our original Lantus time and plan to just deal with this after diabetes camp next week. In the meantime, I'm just correcting at night.'s hard to keep a happy attitude about those "pesky highs" when he keeps shooting high 3 hours after dinner....night after night after night.....With. No. Carbs.

At least I can correct with insulin until we figure it that is really good!


Heidi =) said...

You are doing such a great job! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog about our bad visit with the CDE. I love the scripture that you wrote out! Praying for wisdom for you my sweet friend. God will guide you just as he did when Matthew was dx. Blessings!

Unknown said...

Hang in there my friend. I hate it when highs become "long-term" "unwelcome" guests! We were having some of those issues too...and now, after all my persistent "tweaking" - we are running LOW - darn it!


connie said...

I have been treating highs EVERY night with Miss E...been tweaking things and trying to figure it out myself, must be the warm summer nights or something :(

So glad that VBS has been such a blast for you all...sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Have a great weekend my friend :)

phonelady said...

hang in there mom we all have those pesky highs and those pesky lows you are doing a great job dear it will get adjusted and be fine . take a deep breath.

Meri said...

His face is priceless in that picture! I'm so sorry about the highs. I totally know the frustration!