Friday, August 6, 2010

Couple of Things

1. The eye appointment went GREAT! Well....except for the dilation. You would have thought they were pulling out his eyeballs. The kid did not do well with this. Although, considering all he's been through the past 5 months, you can hardly blame him.

2. Second....he got invited to a birthday party for next weekend. A SLEEPOVER. The nerve of some people. LOL. At first I thought there was no way I would be willing to let Matthew go....but I don't want him to miss out on ANYTHING. So.....if you have sleepover tips, I welcome them.

I'm going to call the mom this weekend and find out the full plan for food and such. At this point, I think I'll lower his Lantus and let him run a little higher. I plan to call the nurse next week and get some help. By the way, Matthew is so totally excited that we're going to let him go.....It makes it all worth it. Oh! And if the mom offers to let me camp out in a spare bedroom, I'm going to take her up on it!

3. And finally, 11 moms have signed up for the Prayer Partner list. I'm sorry I haven't gotten the names out yet. I still need info from traveller---so please get that to me. Also.....I need one more mom to sign up so everyone gets a partner. If you're on the fence, just jump on over. This will be a small time committment and you'll get to know another D-Mom better.

That's it. Have a GREAT Friday!


Meri said...

With sleepovers, you are always just a phone call a way. A cell phone in his pocket is my plan of attack. I can reach him at any time, to remind, to ask, to find out.

Good luck! His excitement is so worth it!

Heidi =) said...

I'm glad to hear the eye doc appt went well. We found out the hard way that just because some one has pediatric in their title doesn't mean they are good with kids.

Oh a sleepover, that is a big step! I'm sure you will both do great!

Have a great Friday as well!

Unknown said...

WAHOOOOOOOO on the sleepover!!! I bet Matthew is so excited. I cannot wait to hear how it goes. We haven't "ventured" into that territory yet.