Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rough Night

Well, it was a rough night. Matthew's had moderate ketones again before bed.

I called the CDE and she wanted me to give him fluids every 2 hours. She didn't want all of it to be water, though. Some needed to be juice so we could get some insulin in him. (His sugar has stayed below 150 so we can't give the sick-day dose.)

At 3am, I woke him for juice. He did great! Drank every drop, so I gave the insulin and we fell asleep.

One hour later and he threw it all up. BUT he had the insulin in him and he was only 115!!!

I checked him every 20 minutes and we got through. It was a long night.

Then he woke up this morning with LARGE ketones. Terrific. Now what?

I'm got a little food in him, then gave the insulin and now I'm praying it all stays down.

Wow. I never realized how easy life was before diabetes. I took a lot for granted.


Heidi =) said...

So sorry it was a rough night. I hope you can get a nap in today! I'm praying for you guys. Hang in there Momma, you are doing a terrific job!

Pam said...

My heart goes out for you. It can't last much longer. Grab some sleep when you can, have hubby bring take-out home, and don't worry about the house. It'll still be there to clean when he feels better!

Unknown said...

That stinks!!! Those are rough nights that make you feel like a wrung out rag the next day. I hope he is feeling better and that you guys got some rest.