Wednesday, August 11, 2010


THE GOOD NEWS: Matthew is doing much better. We're still battling ketones a bit, but he's definitely over the hump. Thank you for your prayers.

THE BAD NEWS: I am falling apart.

This morning, the doorbell rang and to my horror I realized I had forgotten to cancel my piano students. So.....I had to answer the door, looking TOTALLY skanky......exhausted from taking care of Matthew all night. I was still in my PJ' a mess.....didn't have my contacts in.....I'm quite sure I scared the daylights out of my piano student.

Fortunately I didn't burst into tears until I explained the situation and told them I would reschedule.

I was so completely embarrassed to have forgotten about lessons. That has never happened before and I'm still mortified. And overwhelmed....I'm just so overwhelmed......and I can't seem to pick myself up.


Heidi =) said...

Oh sweet Tracy, I'm so sorry about this morning. If it makes you feel better to know you are not alone, I have done many a mindless thing since March. I can never find my keys, or purse, or head for that matter. I am always running late and have flaked on an appt or two. You need to give your self a big break! You have been an ICU nurse for the last 48+ hours. You rocked it too! Get some rest and if you need to chat send me an email with your number and I'll give you a call. Love you bunches! We're in this together.

Unknown said...

I hope you guys are WELL on your way to better days by now!!!!!!

I'd love to hear you play sometime :)

Unknown said...

I sooo know those days. Those sick nights are rough and it will take you a couple of days to recover. Hang in there. And, btw, I doubt you looked "skanky"!!!