Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pump Countdown

Yes, most families are counting down the days until Christmas (we are too!)

But in our house, we're adding in the "Pump Countdown!" Two weeks from today, we start.

I'll be honest, though....I'm getting a little nervous. I'm so happy about the freedom it will give Matthew. Being able to eat without a shot is going to be awesome for him! Isn't it amazing the things we take for granted?

Sometimes it just freaks me out a little to think that we're going to have a device hooked to him that will continuously give him insulin. I mean, it's good.....because without insulin he would die. But too much insulin will kill him. It's such a fine line to walk.

And there's no end. This is 24/7. Forever.

Sometimes I'm not as brave as I look.

Thank goodness Matthew is much braver than he looks!


Heidi =) said...

We are not using the same pump as you but I get how stressful the first few days even weeks can be as you work through the kinks. Shoot me an email anytime. I'd be happy to share my phone number with you too just not in a blog comment =). Oh and I finally got that little something in the mail yesterday (sorry weather has been crazy and then out of town guests etc). I'm super excited for you guys and you will LOVE the freedom that pumping will allow Matthew! Love you!

Meri said...

Hooray for pump countdowns! I know how exciting it is! The big day will soon be here!

Unknown said...

Hip Hip Hooray! I am so excited for you guys. It is a new adventure for sure. It may take a few weeks to get the settings tweaked, etc...but I am hopeful that you will enjoy the flexibility that pumping will provide Matthew with in living his life to the absolute fullest.