Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Ornapod!

Look what Laura and her gang sent to our house!!

Matthew was so excited to get this in the mail!!!

For those of you not familiar with Omnipod....Laura and her fabulous kiddos saved all of Nate's old pods and turned them into ornaments. Check out this post to see the fabulous designs.

Aren't they TOTALLY adorable!!

Warning: Matthew wants to save ALL of his and have an ORNAPOD TREE next year!


Unknown said...

AWWW...we love our Houston-Ornapod too!!! They are beautiful.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...


phonelady said...

Love your ornaments and the tree just hate this time of year .

LaLa said...

Yea!! :)
My apologies for being so behind in bloggerville. The stomach bug hit the Houston house and we are still recovering.

Merry Christmas!

Shannon said...

Wow. These seem to be the latest trend.... I guess my family will have to join the movement next year.

Unknown said...

I know....I totally love our Ornapod -- they should be a collector's item by now :)