Friday, June 17, 2011

Mother of the Year Award


Matthew has been going a little low 2 hours after dinner.  Not super-low, but around 100.  Certainly too low for 2 hours of IOB.

Last night, I decided to up his dinner ratio from 1-18 to 1-20. 


I forgot to program his pump.

So......last night after dinner, I sent him to 41.  Poor guy.  He hasn't been that low in a while.  He was a good sport, but I felt bad.

To any new D-Moms out there, I hope this makes you feel a little better.  We all make mistakes.  Fortunately, Matthew caught the low.  God is good.

But making those kind of mistakes really stinks!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Mistakes happen. I switched our long acting and fast acting before resulting in need of a DQ blizzard, crackers etc.... Thankfully God helped us through as well. Way to go Matthew!

Unknown said...

Mistakes happen. So good to share them so we all don't beat ourselves up too much. Knowing we are not alone helps big time.

Denise said...

So true...we all make mistakes. Hope that I:C change does the trick.

Holly said...

Hey, Tracy-I just found you! : )
It stinks, but it's just life. Don't stress. Super thankful that Matthew felt the low!! : ) Holly