Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Swimming Routine

Last year was our first year swimming with diabetes.  I was SHOCKED at how swimming drops Matthew's BG.  Seriously.  I guess it's because he's moving arms and legs....not just legs, like running?  Whatever the reason, that kiddo drops in the pool.

So much, that last year, I didn't even let him take lessons at all.  I just couldn't handle it.  We were so new to diabetes.  In hindsight, I suppose I should have braved it.  Oh well....

I was brave this year!  Today he finished up 2 weeks of swimming lessons.  Yes, I was dreading it, it but God really blessed us.  We got into a groove quickly.

I found that if I gave Matthew 10 carbs uncovered, he could swim for an hour before needing another boost. 

Oh, last thing, I made sure they were slow carbs.  Almond clusters, fun size snickers, peanut butter crackers.  They all worked great!

Of course, YDMV.   (Your diabetes may vary.)  But this worked great for Matthew.  This time.  You know how that goes!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Thank you for the tips! We're off to our 2 weeks of swimming lessons Monday. I'm glad everything went smoothly for Matthew!

Diane D said...

Thanks for this. We start swimming lessons on Monday too. This will be our first summer with "d"

Unknown said...

:) YAY!!! Funny, Joe's BGs don't seem to affected by swimming. Thank goodness!