Saturday, July 2, 2011

Camp Pictures

Day One.  Last year, there were only 2 boys in Matthew's group and the other boy was sick for the last 3 days of camp.  This year, we prayed that Matthew would find a good buddy.  God answered!

EVERY SINGLE DAY he came home filthy! 

Yes, I should have just tossed him in the shower, but he was low. And yes, I did put a towel down first!

Just like last year, socks were simply thrown in the trash and he ruined another pair of shoes. (Oh, and I'm not complaining---totally worth it!)

But after a solid week of's a picture of Matthew on the last day.  It only took 10 years to wear him out!  : )


Lora said...

:) That would so be Justin... covered in dirt!

Amy said...

I love a Mama who will take photos of the dirt. It's a major part of childhood and we should document it!!!

I also love that he got to come home every night. That sounds likethe perfect camp to me ;)

NikDuck said...

Love the pictures...he sounds just like my 10 year old boy! So glad he had such a good time.

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

what an amazing experiance for him!

Holly said...

Love the towel on the sofa-I would SO do that! : ) haha!
Glad D didn't slow him down, and he had a wonderful time!!

Misty @Life is Like a Box of Chocolates said...

I'm with Amy...wish we had a day camp for D here! Ally will be leaving for a whole week and I can't say that I'm ready for that!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like Matthew had a really fun time.