Friday, July 15, 2011

My Summer Project (for Matthew)

School starts ONE month from tomorrow!  I can't believe it.  I blinked and summer is almost over.

So....time to work on my "Matthew List."

Some of you may remember last summer, I had 2 big goals for Matthew:
  1. Get in the habit of taking his kit when he goes out.
  2. Recognize his lows and know how to treat them.
He did great on both counts.

This summer, I simply want him to take on another "diabetes responsibility" and it's his choice!

I told him it could be anything from carb counting, to writing his BG in the logbook, to learning to change his pod. Just one small task he can do on his own.

He chose planning his dinner and counting the carbs by himself.

Of course, we talk about carbs, but Matthew isn't really responsible for this yet.  This is one step in the right direction.

And I'm excited about that!  : )

Question:  How do you begin transferring responsibility to your kids?


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Sounds like a great plan!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

That's awesome!
It takes little steps like these to help the transition to independence easier on them and us!
I usually just follow Bean's lead. If she asks to help with something or to 'just do it myself!' then we go with it. Also, I try to make sure to take advantage of teachable moments with when she mentioned that her eyes were fuzzy and she tested and was high...helped her realize that her vision is a symptom that she can clue into.

Lora said...

I suck at transferring responsibility. Justin knows how, but I just do it when I can. I guess I figure he will have plenty of time to do it on his own. Poor excuse!