Monday, July 18, 2011

Pizza and Ice Cream Question

So we went to a birthday party Friday night.  First they served pizza.  Not a big problem for us---I've got that down pat!  : )
I did our usual extended. (70/30 3 hours)  Matthew enjoyed the pizza.

Then....they served ice cream.  Ummm...still working on that, but it involves another extended. (25/75 4 hours)

The pod can only do ONE extended at a time.  Not sure about other pumps.

I had NO IDEA what to do.  Can't tell you how long I just stared at that PDM...totally perplexed.

Here's what I finally went with:  I looked to see what was left to be delivered from the pizza extended.  Hmmm.....55 I think.

Then I cancelled that extended.  Started a new one for the ice cream and added half a unit to that.

He did go low (60s) a bit later, but he caught it and recovered nicely.  Rest of the night went great.

Is there a better way to handle this?  (Thanks in advance!)


Lora said...

The Ping only does one combo at a time too.

I think you handled it the same way I would have. Maybe next time cancel, but don't add in what's left from the pizza? Then again, if he was running around... that might have been the cause of the low.

Do you have a way to do a temporary basal increas? Thats what we use when we have Pizza. Then you could do both at one time. We don't have an issue with ice cream, so keep in mind that I am just throwing things out there.

Becky V said...

I don't know about Medtronic, but you can't do 2 combo boluses on Animas either. I have done the same as you did in a similar situation.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

I probably would have figured out how to 'extend' by doing a temp basal...though that doesn't always work the same way as extending, which I still haven't been able to wrap my head around But it sounds like what you did went OK. Probably the excitement and activity of the party contributed to that low.

Holly said...

We cancel the current, and add them together, divide the time in half. I only go out 30 minutes on my square wave for ice cream though, and 3.5 hours for pizza! Amazing how every child is different! : ) SO glad pumps aren't one-size-fits-all!
I think the increased basal is a GREAT idea!! : ) I will try that! : )
ps-I think the 60's weren't too bad-you essentially got it right! (maybe he was running around, and that played with it too?)

Stephanie said...

I am so impressed you are rocking the combo bolus...Adam has been pumping since January and I've yet to try it. I'm going to try your pizza extended plan...what do you usually use for a carb count for a slice of pizza? Adam had some pizza while we were on vacation and it was a total disaster - too much insulin up front, he went low, then ended up in the 400's overnight. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for medtronic you can only do 1 square at a time. But it seems like you handled it very well. : )