Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Unexpected Low

Last night was one of those nights that leaves you wondering "What if......"

Matthew had dinner at 6pm, we checked him at 8pm and his BG was 150.  I was thrilled.  Anything over 140 is usually quite good for him at night and I wasn't worried a bit.

I decided I would check him again at 10pm before we went to bed.  He went to bed around 8:30pm.

A little after 9, he calls me because he felt low.  You could tell he felt terrible.  He was down to 55.  After 15 carbs, he only came up to 82.

I am so thankful that he didn't fall asleep right away and caught it.  (He never catches lows at night.)

But here's the thing:  I was not going to check him for another 45 minutes.  The thought of that terrifies me.  Kevin and I were both really shaken up.

I'm so thankful that God was watching out for him.  Especially when I thought he was okay.

Sometimes you look at Matthew and....he's just thriving! 

And then other times, you look at him and you realize how fragile his life really is.


Lora said...

As I read this the tears fill my eyes. I know exactly how you feel... we have been there. Unexplained lows at night have a way of putting the fear back into you real quick.

I thank God every day, but I realize just how much he watches us when I wake up at an odd hour or Justin doesn't go to sleep when he should. I am thankful he watches over all our sweet kids.

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Hearing God's promptings are such a blessing! I pray everyday that my eyes and ears are always open to hear Him.

Praise the Lord that He protected Matthew!

Holly said...

Oh, SO glad he caught it! You never know when it'll happen. : ( I know, they look like they are perfectly healthy, so other people don't realize how life hangs in the balance Every. Day. Hugs to a great D-Mama! : )

Valerie said...

Ahh, the "what if" game is scary. Glad he caught his low!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

So very thankful for those times that HE nudges our kids to feel something they don't usually feel or us to do a check earlier than 'scheduled.'

Unknown said...

There's a very fine line between okay and not okay in this game we play.

Praise God that Matthew was able to recognize his symptoms.

All it takes is one catch such as this one to remind you of how unpredictable D can be. Never underestimate insulin...ever.

Unknown said...

Love you...a fine line between thriving and disaster seems to be drawn in the sand 24/7. Glad you guys caught it. xo