Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Cupcake: What would you have done?

Last Wednesday, Matthew had been running high all day.  Mid 200's at every check. Pretty rare for him, but I wasn't too concerned.

That night we went to church and at the end, they passed out cupcakes.  Matthew said he wanted to eat his in the car on the way home.

We checked his BG and he was 362.

Not ideal for a cupcake.

But thankfully, Matthew stepped right up and said he didn't mind waiting until the next day.  He really wasn't hungry and that was okay.

(((This was where I started thanking the Lord!  Matthew's attitude was a huge blessing!)))

What mother wants to deny her kid a cupcake?  But should you sometimes?  Probably....

So...would you have let him eat the cupcake?

How do you handle those situations where you don't want your child to feel different?  Isn't his emotional health as important as his physical health?

A couple months ago, we did tell Matthew to let us know if something is really important to him.  On those occasions, we've agreed that if at all possible, we'll let him have "whatever" as long as he doesn't abuse that privilege.

But if this had been one of those times, oh it would have been really hard to let him eat a cupcake with a BG that high!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Sometimes diabetes just really STINKS!

NikDuck said...

I would be thanking God he wanted to wait and have it the next day as well! You are doing great with him!

Since Natalie is on shots I give her the choice when there is a party in between meal times on if she wants to eat it at the party and get a shot or wait and save it for meal time. She always says wait until mealtime until she sees the treats and then says she wants a shot.

Now, if she was that high I would have still given her the choice but told her she was high and if she really wanted it probably would have still let her and given the shot before hand and tried to get her to eat it at least until after the insulin started working. I think it would all depend on her reaction...if she was about to start crying at a class party I would have let her have it for sure. If we were home, I think I would have waited until the next day.

Redhead Living said...

I dislike being in that's difficult.

Once at a birthday party, she had a high BG and I let her have the cake with all of her friends. Any other time, I ask that she wait until her BG is good. Luckily, she has always been okay with that, but I pray that she will continue to be good with it as she gets older.

Leigh said...

First, super kudos to Matthew and his awesome attitude!! It never ceases to amaze me what rockstars we all have!! I really feel like I am going to be alone on this one, but I think I would have let Aiden have it and just bolused the heck out of him. And then Matt would have probably been mad at me, which would have made me anxious and nervous about it, and then he would have probably gone low over night and I would have been up every 30 minutes checking, but at least he would have been excited about a cupcake... Right?? I don't know... I am very anxious to see the rest of the comments becuase I have been wondering just this same thing!!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

L.O.V.E it when our kiddos make those 'hard' choices for us! ;)
We would have had Bean take the cupcake home and save it for another time if her BG was that high.
We have bitten the bullet and have let her have treats when her BG is less than ideal at 'formal' parties when it would be more diffifcult to not partake or it would draw unneeded attention or really upset her.

Penny said...

I am such a bad mother. I would have let Grace have the cupcake, and bolused for it, with an extend AND a temp basal, and tested in about 20 minutes. There are many, many other people who would not agree with me at all and I respect that too. It's just how I roll.
You did great with Matthew and he waited. And that's great too. We each have our own way to do it.

Susie said...

I'll clock in with Leigh's answer. That doesn't mean I'd be right... but it is probably what I would do! I would probably just add that I usually try to encourage Jess to have these treats earlier in the evening rather than later (high or not) so that the 2 hours after bolusing check is earlier in the evening too and I feel like we'll still have a chance to get things under control before midnight.
But as far as cupcakes when already high... I always ask her what does she want to do, but if I'm honest, I probably usually add a little manipulative ..'do you even really want it? I mean, are cupcakes your favorite??' to try to dissuade her. ugh. I disgust myself with that kind of manipulation... but thats my honest answer. :( yeah, diabetes stinks, I'll chime in with that answer too!

Hallie Addington said...

Ugh. What a blessing Matthew is! What are trooper he is and so grown up! :)

I would have given her the cupcake.

I would have explained that she was really high and that I was worried that it might end up making her feel sick... but if she wanted it even after the warning, I would have given it to her and rage bolused that baby to oblivion with a big ol temp basal.

Probably not the recommended thing to do - but you just can't reason with a kid who just wants to be like everyone else. And I worry about her being resentful and sneaking food...

We each make our own decisions. What's right for us and for our kids at that exact moment in time. And I think it's so important to support each other in those choices. Good job, Mama! He sounds like he's doing great with the responsibility of his privilege.

Anonymous said...

A cupcake at a party I would let him have... other than that, I would encourage him to wait. Depends on the situation. I agree with the plus temp basal suggestion. If they are running around at a party, their BS will most likely come down, sitting in a car, not. I think Matthew is so mature and sensible to be able to delay gratification, knowing his blood sugar was high. As a general rule, though, not out with other kids at a birthday party, no, I could not give a cupcake if the blood sugar was that high. Or any carbohydrate. This is because even with plus temp and correction, it will take hours to get that 300 blood sugar down and the cupcake would make her even higher. I think some kids respond to the corrections more reliably. It's up to you and you will make the decision that is correct for him depending on the circumstance.

Kelly said...

Have the cupcake -sigh-

I hate doing that, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!! But, I made the mistake once of telling Maddi NO at a school party cuz she was way too high too. It seriously crushed her, mostly embarrased her in front of everyone.

So, when we are at home we deal with it like "we should" by correcting the high and giving insulin for the carbs, then she can have it 40min or so later. Sometimes we gotta pretend we are normal :)