Thursday, December 30, 2010

My "REALLY?" Moment This Week

Did you catch Amy's blog last week about her "REALLY?" moments?

Here was my moment yesterday:

We took my parents to the airport. (Boo Hoo!) When we got home, there was a lizard in the house. Well, not really a of those little chameleon things. (A lizard in my book.)

Anyway, they are always getting into the house in the summer, but winter? Pretty odd.

No big deal though. I get Matthew, my ever-faithful animal rescuer.

Now, if you know anything about those chameleons, you know they run away FAST. It can be seriously hard to catch them, but Matthew is pretty good. Rarely does one get away.

However, this little lizard dude is mischievous.

Instead of running AWAY, it jumps up and runs INTO MATTHEW'S SHIRT!!!!

REALLY? There's a lizard in your shirt!!!

Well, I'm totally freaking out. And grossed out. And.....Yuck!

Lizards do not bother me one bit---but IN YOUR SHIRT?? REALLY?

While I'm freaking out, Matthew is all giggles.

"Yay! There's a lizard in my shirt! It's running up my arm! It's on my back!"


"I think it peed on me!"

People....the child was BEAMING.

My freaking out escalates to the point where tears are in my eyes. I'm not kidding.

Fortunately, it's Kevin to the rescue! He gets Matthew outside, pulls off his shirt and life goes on.

My heart is racing just thinking about all of this again.

Wish I'd thought to get the video camera.



Hallie Addington said...

HA! "I think he peed on me!" That is precious! I love it!

LaLa said...

I am cracking up!
We get those fast little boogers in our house all of the time. Sophie is my lizard catcher! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hahahha, Pareden the laughter but hahaah! Every boys dream :)(I would have cried)

connie said...

HILARIOUS!!! That was just too funny Tracy...and no, I'm not laughing at you :) The visual I have of your son giggling, squirming and saying 'I think he peed on me' is just to funny!!!

Luv ya! Thanks for helping me start my day with a it's time for me to check out Amys blog, I haven't "met" her yet :)

Amy said...

Hahahahaha! Wow Tracy. I have to change my usual 'really?' response to an upgraded 'seriously?'

A lizard. In your boy's shirt.

I have lived my entire life in the Midwest and have thankfully NEVER seen a lizard anywhere but behind thick glass at our local zoo.

I think my heart would flutter and flop at the sight of what you describe.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul for not remembering, and then posting, a video of this awful scene. ;)

Lora said...

That is so funny and so grose at the same time :) Better you than me... I HATE lizzards(and frogs).

Heidi =) said...

I was freaking out as I was reading this. I grew up in west Texas with real lizards. My cousins traumatized me by chasing me around with horned toads. When they would squeeze them they would spit blood at me. I'm shivering as I type this. One beautiful thing about living in the NW, NO LIZARDS! (although having two boys, I had to laugh at Matthew's reaction to the lizard lol)

Unknown said...

EWWWWWW!!! and so glad it was you and Matthew and NOT me and Joe!!! I hate lizards and earthworms!!! UGH.

You would have won money if you had a video camera I am sure of it! xxoxo

Denise said...

My boys LOVE lizards...oh how jealous they were when I told them you had a chameleon in your house! The visual of Matthew beaming with it in his shirt and you freaking out must have been hilarious!
Anyhow, my boys would be in heaven if we got lizards in our house. Like Heidi said, we don't have many here in the NW. My inlaws that live a couple hours south of us have a bunch of western fence lizards and skinks that my boys catch when we visit. We also have some cool reptile stores near by that we visit often. Luckily, I don't mind lizards...I think they are pretty cool. Now earthworms and spiders....ICK!!!