Saturday, July 2, 2011

D-Camp. A Huge Success

Matthew had the best time at camp.  He met some really good friends and was completely exhausted each night.  So nice!

Probably the best thing he said though? 

"Mom, I had kind of forgotten about shots.  I'm so glad I have a pump."

Wow.  My kid is growing up.

Gotta run to the store.  I'll try to post pictures later today.  : )

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Misty First said...

So great that Matthew enjoyed D camp. We are in count down mode for ours!
~Misty F.

Amy said...

Sounds like maturity to me!!! Will loko forward to the photos and to checking out your new post on the other site.

Lora said...

Pumps give them so much more freedom. Glad he had so much fun :)