Thursday, September 8, 2011

Basal Results and Surprises

Well the basal results are in:  Wednesdays results were the total opposite of last weeks. changes made.  I'll revisit this later.

Moving church last night, they had surprise ice cream sundaes.  Yay!  Uh...not so much.

Tell me:  Why must everything be celebrated with a cupcake, pizza, or ice cream?  People!  It's hard on a d-mom!

Anyway, pizza and ice cream are the 2 foods that really do cause Matthew trouble.  Pizza, we pretty much have figured out, but having it at night is NOT good.

Ice cream is another story.  We rarely have it because the fat always causes Matthew's BG to shoot up at 4 hours.  Instead, we'll go to those fat-free frozen yogurt places around town and the BG is awesome.

But the surprise ice cream was not fat-free.  Nonetheless, we totally rocked it!  At 4 hours, he did go up to 183 (so much better than the 200s/300s we've seen following ice cream) and then he came down.

The one thing that does bother me? 

Events like last night remind me that while I am doing okay, I'm still mourning the loss of Matthew's freedom.

Dealing with diabetes is one thing.  Managing the emotions that go along with it?  That's another story.


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Sweetie, I so feel your sadness. It's hard to see all the kids having fun and digging right in when you have to count carbs, give insulin and hope for the best with blood glucose levels.

I attend a church that revolves around food too! Andrew's getting better with not being able to eat any of it (mainly from his celiac), but I can see that it still bothers him. It causes him to pull away from the group and sit by himself. It just breaks my heart.

We are a HUGE fan of TCBY since we just got one in our area. Andrew eats the no sugar added flavors and has great blood glucose levels after.

You SO ROCKED that ice cream!!!!!!!

Hang in there sweet friend! HUGS!

Lora said...

I get smacked with reminders now and then also. I keep waiting for that to stop :/

Ice cream doesn't bother Justin too much... now if we could just tackle that cereal problem!!

connie said... cream and pizza, my two best friends...not ;) Yes, I have had my fare share of frustrating moments with these delicious treats that my girls enjoy so much. They have resulted in a few all nighters trying to correct and control the crazy swings in their bg's. Sounds like you handled it well.

I'm so happy to hear that you are loving the pump...I am so excited to get Miss E pumping!

Thanks for the kind words on my blog and reminding me why I love this diabetes on-line community so much...great people like you!

Unknown said...

Yep...I have always maintained the psycho-social ramifications of managing this disease are the hardest to cope/deal with. Love you girl. xo

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Some days I think the emotions of diabetes are harder than the blood sugar swings.

All the sugar-laden celebrations drive me nuts. Every single day in school this week, my daughter had either a cupcake or a doughnut to celebrate someone's birthday. Every day!!! I'm just glad she's not my kiddo with D!

Holly said...

I agree-the emotions are hard!! And ours are harder than our kids'. I have to let a few things go. I know she'll be high later sometimes, but I'd rather avoid the social ramifications of her not having the treat. It's getting to be a bigger deal as she gets older! : )